Parents Now Claiming Nelly Was Being “Creepy” With Kids!

WTF is really going on here!?!

Things for Nelly keep getting worse, as more women are coming forward to describe the rapper’s unusual behavior.

Now, parents are blasting Nelly after he brought their child on stage and rubbed through the little girl’s hair while performing. Another parent then posted that Nelly had done the same to their kid while on stage.

Check it out below:


    • Down down baby was a kid song turned into a Diamond selling rap song for him so I guess that’s why , Idiot?

  1. It was ok until the public, including their friends and family, started talking about it and now they are embarrassed and want to blame him rather than themselves, who are the ones who gave him access to their child(ren)!

    • Right!!! Like at what point as a loving parent should you have snatched your child off the stage?? Pathetic

  2. That video is so inappropriate on so many levels!!! Why the fuck is he twirling her hair and singing into her eyes like that? Ugh, some men are disgusting!

    • Same thing Hollywood Ole Santa Claus, Frank Sinatra, Willy Wonka…. countless entertainers from many decades ago been doing to the lil children. Playing with their hair singing to them. It’s all suggestive.

      • I’m not a dyke. How the fuck are you inferring that from a comment I made in defense of protecting little girls from creeps. Leaps and bounds my nigga. Smfh!

  3. Nelly = Coon.

    So much for the country music thug.

    I stopped listening to him years ago. His only great song was with Rick Ross.

    • I hope so.

      I am over these fuckers using children in any way, shape or form…people need to wake up and see this industry for what it is a huge pedo-ring.

      How many of these children actually come out of it sane and for the boys straight?

    • But I get your point.

      He did “walk away” (the name of his song) from that janet thing unscathed, so…

  4. yeah that was creepy and he gave the perverted uncle vibe – and why was he shouting and he on mic, lol, they fall so hard. Ok, so he had a gal for years that he dogged out, seemed to be on something for years, and now this creep pedofile vibe, humpfph – well well well he must didn’t pay the illuminati or his handlers enough – his downfall in here and now

  5. As a grown man, Nelly should have known better than this and the fact that he dont, lets me know his mindset is off and aint no way Anyone can defend him unless them illuminati made him.

  6. Time for Nelly to pay the devil.his dues he had his fame, fortunes, women now he has to take the bad with the good all these rappers seem to be when the industry gets tired of them or they can’t generate no money they get in all kinds if legal troubles

  7. These house Negros are disgusting.. Why would your twirl in a child’s hair that young..
    These fool thinks because they’re famous, they can do anything.. Somebody please help the field Negros. He’s on his way down and he’s too dumb to know it..

  8. He must be high or drunk doing that. I’m confused but then again the whole question about her liking her teacher over and over again seemed wear.

    This is a wear illuminated ritual I can tell he’s taking orders to get back on top and his name in the tabloids for relevancy. This is so weird .

    • You think he’s really taking order from the powers over them???
      I don’t know but I do know that was wrong to do to a kid, she’s not a teenager..Not saying it would be better for a teenager on stage.. These house Negros keep forgetting to stay in ther lane.

      • This has nothing to do with him being a house negro.

        You need to watch boys for sale or jimmy savile and the ninth circle, to see how children are used by these psychopaths.

        • I have watched that and so more documentaries about mind control on per teen, some as young as seven.. It’s really sad when people think doing Satan work will give them power and control.. But that Satan’s job to control and divide.
          We just need to pray more because these sick people are trying to corrupt our children minds.. Mind control us how they do it.. Through commercials and TV programs.l My father told me 4 decades ago that Walt Disney was one of the most corrupt man there was.. Frget that Mickey Mouse club, because you’re not going anywhere. Look at all the Disney’s kids, few make it to be adult stars, they end up with addictions and death..

    • Most of them have done things they didn’t won’t to do to be at the top of the list.
      They sold their souls a long tine ago.. Also why do they all date the same woman over and over again..

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