Cardi B Says She ‘Didn’t Suck Di*k To Be In A Blood Gang’…. She ‘PUT IN WORK’

Cardi B was called out on Twitter by an interested party for her blood affiliation, the user saying Cardi B sucked di*k to join the New York Blood gang. In response, Cardi B says she didn’t suck anything, she “put in work” to join the Bloods.

Cardi B is known to wear red and represent the gang heavily.


  1. Body language tells me that she’s not that into her boyfriend. He’s always leaning into her but she seems to back away and off set.

  2. O please, doubt she’s affiliated with The ‘Bloods’ or put in any kind of so called WORK.

  3. I am trying to figure out who she is fucking and sucking for that BS song to be #1.

    From the pic she already sold what soul she may have had.

    • She probably fucking the same people that made Rihanna famous. Neither one of those hoes can sing, but they are famous singers. Only in satanic hollywood can hoes become famous.

  4. She representing Kali the goddess of death and the dragon lady by sticking her tongue out

  5. Cardi B throwing up the devil hand signs. I’m certain she sucked dick. I’m also certain she sold her soul.

  6. Nba is fixed. Do u just copy and paste all your old comments to make new ones. U have the same 3 bullshit lines u use all the time. Never anything thought out. Just spew bullshit. Your shit is old and tired.

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