NeNe Leakes Apologizes for Rape Comment

nene leakes apologizes rape

NeNe Leakes finally came to her senses and apologized for telling a fan she wished her Uber driver would rape her on the ride home.

Peep her apology:

nene leakes rape apology

Does she deserve forgiveness?


  1. Bye wig! You are very rich, but so nasty and so rude. Can never win when u dirty, chile.

  2. I think she was sort of set up after her wild week going after her enemy and their daughter. She has a very very short fuse so whomever heckled her expected for her to snap and that’s when they say “gotcha”!

    • Good perception! It seems like a lot of these black celebs are being set up recently. Many of them are pretty easy to trap because they got skuzzy isht going on behind the scenes anyway and are only surrounded by Yes-men/women.

    • If you are volatile and ignorant, you pretty much set your own self up. For her to even say something like that shows her true colors. She is an insecure, hateful and ignorant woman. You know the saying…. you can take her out the ghetto….
      That apology is hollow.

      When that Seinfeld actor dude called a heckler a “nigger” and should be hanging from a tree (something along those lines) that’s how he really felt. His Apology was hollow too.

      They are in control of their own actions. and now have to deal with the consequences.

  3. Forgiven… Next time, stay in your lane. Shit gets hot in the kitchen when chef isn’t seasoned/experienced enough. A for effort in trying a new endeavor, but F for FAIL on delivery. Just stay cuttin that cavebitch kim, then you aiight in my book.

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