Trump Slams Jemele Hill & ESPN’s Ratings

    donald trump jemele hill

    After ESPN suspended host Jemele Hill for two weeks due to “a second violation of our social media guidelines,” Donald Trump had to throw his two cents in via Twitter.

    In case you forgot, here’s what Jemele said:

    And here’s what Trump said after her suspension:

    Maybe Trump needs to focus on his own ratings. A recent survey showed his approval rating has dropped in every single state since the day he has taken office.

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    1. Trump is doing everything, but he’s not doing the job he won POTUS., He sucks as our President, everyone is laughing at his arrogant behind.. I’m so sick of hearing him say “fake news”, it’s fake if he can’t control it..He’s spent more money in 9 months protecting his family that most spend in years, he was always on Obama about going on vacation.. That’s all he’s doing and it’s a conflict of interest, to be doing White House business at one of his resorts.. Where’s the outcry of all the money he’s wasting on hisself and family..

        • This man have people afraid to question him on anything.. He definitely thought running the country was going to be like running Trump International.. He didn’t realize that you have to go through proper standards to get anything done. He have majority claim control over the house and senate and still can’t get anything done.. I know that must kill him inside, because he was so narcissistic when Obama was President. He can’t just tell someone to do it and it gets done.l He hired and fired more people in 9 months than all the previous Presidents before him. His elitist attitude is not a good look to have, but White people loved his dumb ass to death.. I can’t see how he can keep spending taxpayers money and not getting anything done at all.. He leaves every weekend to go to one of his resorts.l His own wife can’t stand him.l

      • Trump is doing a great job fighting the deep state Eisenhower warned you about, MSM and George Soros. He got Ford jobs back from Mexico. He’s draining the swamp first. We are now finding out about the stories previously cover up like R Kelly Weinstien, child trafficking . He took no money from Zionists unlike Obama, no Trannies in uniform which Obama would have done. Plus he’s stopping illegals getting in taking lower salary min wage (black) jobs. The only jobs the Clintons gave you was in prison industries after Bill jailed you for smoking crack after he smuggled it in at Mena Airport with Bush.

        • Stop sucking Trump’s ballsack. That asshole has done nothing to help this country.

          • Yeah Obama did so much for Blacks. You are obviously Gay and/or Trans as they are the only ones he helped. Obama also legalized sex with animals for Military personnel in 2012 which you must have loved!

          • Always using gay terms, black single moms have raised an army of turned out , pant saggin’ fags

        • What kind of salad tossing kakkra are you to say low wage jobs are black jobs?

          That must mean your broke ass trailer park relatives are the true welfare queens, like we have always known.

          • another pant saggin’ Fag using gay terms. The prison shower is the American niggaz dating app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. It’s probably more ‘fun’ for him to comment on public matters in the news. Everyone has an opinion on this. Maybe he doesn’t want to be left out.

      • I doubt it, Rex Tillerson is setting himself up to run, IMO.

        And I honestly don’t see this man making it to four years, if you know what I mean.

    3. I’m convinced that all of the Presidents are actors. Number 45 is acting like a spoiled brat trust fund kid. Barack Obama acted like the black male version of the Cowardly Lion. George W Bush acted like the incoherent, inarticulate privileged mama’s boy. Bill Clinton was the southern, weed smoking sexual deviant. Ronald Reagan acted like a senile, stubborn, racist white man. By the way, Ronald Reagan was an actual actor!

      P.S. Presidents of the United States of America are selected, not elected

      • His true title is Puppet of the United Sins of America. They only allow the American sheeple to “vote” because the political industrial complex (politricks) generates billions each year. Corrupt America (Corporate America) selected their Donald Chump because of the ultimatum of the world’s greediest, richest, most evil humans (satan’s seed). Poppa takes care of his own.

      • You are right on the money with your post.. Keep posting and enlightening all of us on what’s really going on in the world…

        • That’s like asking Helen Keller to describe the Mona Lisa to you.

          The presidents are elected. If you think BIG Business is happy with Trump, you know nothing. They were much happier with Obama than they are with Cheetolini.

          • Don’t you think the mega rich is happy with this ignorant narcissistic child man.. They are he’s going to do what the powers to be tell him.. He’s been in office for 9 months and have not accomplished anything as of yet.. He has accomplished to divide and conquer the country.. If another President have done some of the things that was brought up about them, it will be an outcry, but with this childish ass man, they love it.. The country has spend so much money to protect him and his family, more than any other president we’ve had.. It takes years to spend what we’ve wasted protecting him and he’s in a conflict of interest using his resorts to do business and having visitors staying there.l It’s disgusting but there’s nothing we can do.l This is the same man that was so jealous of Obama, that ge set out to be elected.. Once he got the job, he didn’t think it was going to be so hard to do., He’s accustomed to yes men, but it’s a system that he has to go through to get anything done.. The house and senate are both republican, so it shouldn’t be that hard but it’s hard for him.. I could write several paper of things he’s doing wrong and he hired and fired more ppl that others did in years.

      • No matter how racist the white man is, it never gets bad enough for you to leave eh! Bunch of pussies.

    4. Jemele needs to decide if she wants to be a social advocate or does she want to work for a major network. She cannot do both. You have no first amendment rights at your job. ESPN is tanking big time due to what they paid for the NBA rights. Fox Sports 1 is eating their lunch now.

      I suspect she’ll continue to push it and she’ll be fired. Th she can go to Fox where they welcome SJWs like Shannon Sharpe.

      • “Jemele needs to decide if she wants to be a social advocate or does she want to work for a major network. She cannot do both. You have no first amendment rights at your job.”

        Exactly. We agree with her, but…those checks though

        She can always show support in other ways that don’t compromise her position.

    5. She got herself fired when she broke her contract.
      She knew what verbiage was in her contract. People need to stop making excuses for others behavior.

      • Oh Shut Up.

        She is not whining or complaining about her suspension.

        She prob does not care about that job at this point.

        She said nothing that warranted a suspension, espn looks like a group of out of touch, sensitive assholes who have nothing better to do than ride the ass of an employee.

        To me this just shows how much power we as a people have and if more people stood up for what is right, instead of cowering and bowing down to the BS, they would not be able to shut us all down…you people really need to wake up!

    6. It was either trump.or four years of lesbian pride Hilary would have taken.the lgbt thing further

    7. Fire her ass, then give her a show on msnbc with kapernick so they can run they mouth all day. Colin will never work for nfl again hes a trash player before the kneeling. So really he need to link up with jamele sjw ass and do this tv show im telling yall about

      • Most Football players read at a 5 grade level, and theses are the people Blacks follow. This bitch is following Nazi collaborator Soros orders, and blacks back her. Sad.

        • How the fuck would you know?

          You people who generalize who is who and what is what need to STFU…you don’t know what most black people do, you only know what the people you know do.

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