Wendy Williams Blames Nelly’s Accuser for Getting Raped

wendy williams nelly rape

Since Monday, Wendy Williams has been dragged all over the Internet for blaming Nelly’s accuser for getting herself in a bad situation.

“Well, you know, as a girl you don’t know what that feeling is like, use or not use [a condom]. All I’m saying is, she’s saying he didn’t use. She’s also claiming he kicked her off the tour bus, afterwards, and threw $100 at her. If she hadn’t put herself in this situation this would not have happened, allegedly.”


  1. A 21 year old girl excited to hang out with a Diamond selling artist is to blame for allegedly getting raped by a famous diamond selling artist that she probably looked up to because his songs catered to young kids by flipping the down down baby. .. into a radio hit?

    Wow… I feel sorry for her kids if they ever get sexually assaulted by a perv.

  2. Wendy needs to clean her own house up before she starts throwing stones.. Her husband been a hot arse mess for over a decade and she can’t or won’t put a stop to him…

  3. Blaming the victim is never a good look or sound. He may be innocent. Regardless, an opinion needs to be balanced if it’s broadcasted like this.

  4. What did Wendy say wrong, again? this is 2017 – everybody knows what’s up with the tour bus!

    • It sounds like blaming the victim but is it? It’s very complicated and you have to explain yourself and not make random comments. Put it in context.

      -No, it’s what you wear. Is it?
      -Well, he invited you to his hotel room for a 2am meeting to discus a role in a movie,
      -and you show up wearing a sexy dress,
      -you can wear whatever you want with an expectation of not getting assaulted,
      -that’s true, but what were you two doing at 2am in his hotel room, talking shop
      -both of you alone, and he was in his bulging shorts, talking shop indeed

      What the heck with this stupidity folks, come on. Dumb men, dumb and naive women. Hiring studio person do this, having women come to his private place, while he walks about in his bathrobe, probably kept opening. Does your head hurt yet.

  5. Off topic: Hollywood Street King, can you please post the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal.

    On topic: White supremacy broadcasts Wendy Williams to the black community because she is playing the negative black female stereotype. The solution, ignore her; don’t watch her tv show.

  6. I am shocked about the men that are telling their stories.

    Not shocked that it happened, but the fact they are speaking on it.

    Rob schneider said a director came out in a robe and told him to crawl to him, he says he walked out.

    I am sure it has happened to many more who will prob never speak up, but should.

    I think it is part of the reason brad pitt was always high and drunk, too. People who have been in those types of situations are usually overweight &/ or are drug/ alcohol abusers.

    • Exactly!!

      Eyes Wide Shut.

      It’s been said that Brad met Angelina at those orgies and he laid the Deanna real good and that resulted in him divorcing Jennifer Aniston but also played into the Hollywood elite plan for them.

  7. When it comes to high profile accusations, and women going to hotel rooms, tour buses, private spaces late at night…we need more info

    I’m not taking a side.

    Let’s just all acknowledge that it’s common for people to take advantage of people like Nelly. I’m sure many women have threatened him with false allegations, and he paid them off. Maybe he stopped paying, or wouldn’t pay.

    That said, if she was actually involved with him, she has the right to change her mind.

    • No one can “take advantage” of you if you do not put yourself in compromising positions to begin with.

      I put nothing past any man and I damn sure do not blame the victim without knowing all the facts. If the victim is a perpetrator it will come out soon enough.

  8. Hollywood’s big open secret. Men in power position of either sexual orientation grabbing women and men, just because they could. Then you have women throwing themselves at them for fame and fortune. The victims are the ones that didn’t ask for this and were forced to give up their dreams for acting / singing. It’s a huge stench in Hollywood, New York, anywhere where you have to jump fences to be in entertainment. Why do young women go to hotel rooms, in the middle of the night, alone, to talk deals with these men. Some women know, others are naive, but all angles have to be discussed to help solve this stinky problem.

  9. which lie should we believe..? women are smarter than men..? or she was naive and taken advantage of by a man..?

    • She was drunk, dumbass!

      How hard is it to take advantage of someone who is mentally & physically impaired.

      Outside of that it happens all the time people know which people they can prey on, that is why people like cospig and weinhog have so many victims!

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