Rae Carruth Falls Back on Child Custody Plans

rae carruth custody

Rae Carruth has written a new letter from behind his prison cell to reveal he’s reneging on plans to fight for custody of the son he never wanted.

The former Carolina Panthers wide receiver had this to say:

“For all involved or invested in this ordeal, please calm down…I will no longer be pursuing a relationship with Chancellor and Ms. Adams. I promise to leave them be, which I now see is in everyone’s best interest.” – Rae Carruth


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  3. I hope that lady leaves him alone. I understand she lost her daughter but she needs let God handle that, if there is anything left to handle. Her trying to make Ray Caruth be a Father was the same thing that got her daughter killed.

    I hope Ray Caruth truley feels bad for what he did and can move forward as a better man.

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