Naomi Campbell Goes Public With Skepta

naomi campbell skepta

Naomi Campbell is officially claiming her new boo, 35-year-old rapper Skepta, by posing with him on the cover of GQ magazine.

The 47-year old shared a photo of the cover on her Instagram. Oh yeah, and she’s completely topless in the pic!

The couple has been dating since late 2017.

Is this a good look for Naomi?


  1. So she doesn’t like Russians anymore? I don’t know who Skepta is but he seems to be going along for the ride quite nicely. Something seems ‘suspicious’ about this one.

  2. Is it something wrong with the story on Ashanti I was trying to post a comment but it wouldn’t let me any one else having that problem?

    • I know but she dated Tyson…her career is falling off and these British white sponsor want fresh black pussy. As for Skepta he has a serious rep…he is one of those jamaican goons in Britian

      • Thinking the same @Blackman,personally i would be a lil scared to put any part of my body on or in her without her updated test results(i have mine)that said i wish her the best

        • lol…she looks like one of those sistas that white men have ran thru and done some disgusting shit to. You must be sexually broken to be that old with no kids…

            • Want and need is to different things. Every healthy person especially a woman is in need of children. It just their desire to have children usually changes when they been smutted out or sexually abused like Oprah

              • Unless you are a woman you cannot speak for us…

                So although I am sure you piss sitting down STFU, because your thought process is a shitty as you busted out crack.

  3. So maybe her anger issues can be checked……If she picks up a phone he better be bobbin and weavin……

    • Yeah she’s dear. 250k – 350k per night. That’s why I am pretty sure this is a ‘showmance’ not a romance –

  4. Skepta’s a cokehead and she’s been smutted out to old billionaires her whole career. He’s probably her plug and she’s helping him move up in the fashion world.

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