Ashanti Disses Nelly

ashanti nelly

During a recent concert, Ashanti took to the mic to talk about being betrayed in past relationships. Listen closely to her response when a concertgoer yells out “F**k Nelly!”

Do you blame her for still being bitter?


  1. Damn. Nelly is getting no love. Ashant looks great tho but why is she dressing so stripperish lately…

    • She looks like she’s dressed seeking a new Sponsor.. daaam Pussy Miles only have a short shelf life, so she needs to get some Rich Simp Nigga Trapped real quick!!!!!

  2. For some reason it doesn’t work for no matter how she dressed are the music that she puts out why is that when Beyonce and even Jennifer Lopez does it it’s there costume and that’s ok for them and most of the time they don’t get criticize as bad as she does she gets label a slut are stripper why

    • LOL In the hood black women pussy is like an incubator…dudes running trains, passing them of to homies, nutting in them, impregnating them and neglecting them. But these hoes seem okay with it. Shits terrible. Thats why i dont allow my neice to watch black female celebrities

      • And before y’all start going in, it was not a full on abortion, it was the abortion pill that I was getting which has now been replaced with plan B. I did not get a pregnancy test, have no idea if I was pregnant, but I took the pill to make sure it did not happen because I was 18 and wanted to go to college. But there was no black people in there but me.

        • @Who me? he’s a troll (Blackman); I think he was rejected by Black American women of all backgrounds when he came here from West Africa. I believe this is why he has such strong hate Black American women. He, just like many other colonized Blacks have a lot of self hate; he prayers to a blonde hair blue eyed Jesus.

          • Weirdly I have been in more Black American household with the iconic last supper portrait in the living room. Blue eyes with blondish red hair…when i asked them why they have it up they just say “young blood it dont matter what jesus look like we all a child of god)

    • Most woman are hoes and real niggaz know this. Color has nothing to do with it. Black woman just don’t get abortions the way white woman do.

      If you go to abortion clinic you will see no blacks. I know because I had one at 18. It was about 46 whites girls, 10 Asians, 15 Mexicans and I was the only black girl.

  3. Is she gonna dip in a pool afterwards……what’s up with the attire? Or lack of……

      • ???? funny u mentioned that! I read about a Chicago ‘gangsta’ negotiating with an Arab billionaire to go on a ‘trip’ because he wanted a new whip, and he was being told the business, and he was consenting as long as he doesn’t tell nobody, shit was hilarious

        • strange because black women account for 36% of abortions….like @whome says they are killing alot of “nigglets”

        • Most of those hoes who take those trips are black women…arabs have a thing for black women since slavery days…but they would impregnate these hoes and kill their offspring saying its a shame to their lineage while keeping their circassian white babies. Arabs are really racist

            • Why would I want dirty arabs shitting on my face, running trains on me and worst letting young boys intitate into manhood by using me as sex toy nope leave that shit to our black queens. Buts arent these sistas who come back to America bringing back stds to unsuspecting black spouses

              • Because you obviously love ALL that nasty shit.

                You seem to know ALL about it.

  4. But damn! Shanti is so fine, tho you know she’s probably a cesspool of diseases coz of her trips to Dubai & generally there must be something messed up for a fine young woman like her to be single at 37. She’s obviously been passed around by record execs

  5. Why the fuck is everybody dressed like a stripper bitch you’re a millionaire put some motherfucking clothes onWhy does everybody have the stripper mentality

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