Racist Makeup Artist Jeffree Star Attends Rihanna’s Makeup Launch

jeffree star fenty beauty

Last night, Rihanna held her Fenty Beauty launch in New York, and racist makeup artist Jeffree Star was in attendance.

In case you forget, Kim Kardashian got dragged for inviting Jeffree to her KKW beauty event.

Jeffree was outed and later apologized for racist statements he made during his MySpace days — which included the use of the N-word, and referring to someone as a “poor Mexican.”

Do you think Rihanna will get her wig snatched just like Kim? Or will the Navy deflect and place the blame on Rih Rih’s team for inviting him without doing their research?

jeffree star fenty beauty


  1. I never thought the makeup industry would be where it is today. They got everybody and they grand mother running around looking like they ready to do a damn photo shoot (women and men) even when they are just going to the grocery store, its ridiculous!

    The women have on so much make up that it makes them look too hard and masculine and the men look soft and feminine, we are truly living in the last days. smh

    • I agree with what your saying but I do wear makeup and I don’t look like a man. The problem that women have with the way that they wear their makeup is they are wearing it like drag queens. A natural woman doesn’t have to soften her features but a lot of these people don’t know what they are doing.

      • Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with makeup to accentuate your natural features and maybe I shouldn’t have said “everybody” but this contouring phenomena is getting out of hand and it did start with drag queens that’s where this heifa got it from:


        I wear makeup but I don’t let makeup wear me lol. After cleansing and toning I put a little foundation and blend it in with an oil free moisturizer for a light coverage, finish it off by filling in my brows with dark brown eyebrow pencil and black eyeliner to make my eyes pop and a neutral lip color, that’s enough for me. To me less is more. I think contouring is great for pictures and special events like weddings or proms but for everyday??? Um…..No but to each his own.

        And call me old fashioned but I’m not used to seeing men with crispy hair lines and beards with this “pretty boy face beat” that’s going around either, I mean damn can somebody say blurred lines? Talking bout some dang velvet teddy by mac is my fav, wth??? o_O!

  2. I was reading a blind item from 2013 & it said Rihanna was fucking her BLOOD BROTHER for some time, has anyone else heard about this??????

  3. Who is the most racist demograpic in the goog ole u.s. of a?

    Gay white men.

    But they hold so much clout and power that he/she wil be quickly forgiven.

    That skinny tentpole tranny ain’t got nothing on the black ones! Lmao. Or so i’ve heard.

  4. its not surprising do you honestly think Rhianna owns a makeup line ???! Shit hell nah she got them Jews and a bunch of whites behind her shit don’t be fooled.

  5. There’s no way I’d let this racist piece of shit anywhere near me! He hates black women and Rhianna should be ashamed for letting this asshole in her party. But then again Rhianna is controlled by the whites so it is what it is.

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