Mary J. Blige Calls Kendu Issacs a Con Arist

mary j blige kendu spousal support

It took Mary J. Blige over 10 years to realize her estranged husband was playing her.

In an interview with Variety, the singer said she thought Kendu Issacs loved her, but he was nothing but a con artist who was cheating on her.

“I’m doing OK. I’m living. I’m not happy about a lot of things. I thought someone loved me, right? Turns out, he was a con artist and he didn’t, and now he’s coming after me for all my money. When you come out of something like that, you realize you were never the one. There was someone else that was his queen. I got played. I got suckered. I have to keep smiling and keep my spirits up because this is designed to kill me.” – Mary J. Blige

The estranged couple famously battled it out over spousal support payments. She was recently ordered to pay him $30,000 a month.


  1. Mary this happens all the time, keep your head up and put your pain into words..
    Best revenge is looking good and sounding good..

  2. Hell Mary u knew his azz was con Artist when u hook up with him, but some women just don’t care they would rather have a piece of a man r con artist then no man @ all Mary get ur self together & move on

  3. She is expressing her pain in the album, I enjoyed it and I dont even listen to music anymore ,she got a song called Glow Up ,she jamming she say u can go and do that dum shit somewhere else(I Love it ) Aint nothing wrong with loving someone, but remember the first law of nature is self preservation! don’t settle Mary the first time a man do some dumb shit kick his ass to the curve ,Always remember u r a BAP Black Africian Princess I say Princess because her King is still coming Love And Light

  4. the brothers who post here are keeping it classy by not LOUDLY proclaiming that Mary got her just due and women need to pay… hope the ladies will keep it classy when this same thing happens to the next black celebrity male who has to pay…..

    • Oh Shut Up there have been men on here who have said that shit on other threads about Mary and other women.

      Men are usually the ones who fuck up, so hell yeah they HAVE to pay. Because they typically have children involved.

      She did not even have children with this monster and is coming off 30gs, for him cheating on her?

      Fuck that, a hit would have already happened or missing person report taken.

  5. Maybe this is to reinstate the message that marriage is nothing to play with….

    It’s not a toy u can set in the box when you’re done. It’s not a empty emotional flare of baseless gestures and coordinated time.

    Now that some women r actually payin men a stipend each month maybe they will “gasp!” use logic instead of feelings in marriage.

    Let’s make marriage mean something again! No gays! Stick with civil unions!

  6. Well Mary if this helps, he doest love anyone. He does not have a heart, a person with a heart wont hurt ppl like this.

    So you should rest assure and know, nobody is the one, not even the woman who think she the one right now.

  7. Mary always blaming others, it’s always the other person’s fault. She did the same w/K-Ci, she milked that for years. She just like Halle Berry. If Kendu decided to write a tell-all or tell HIS side of the story, I wonder what he’d say about Mary???

    • If he had any side he would have told it…he is the issue, period.

      She is just the dummy who chose a golddigging loser.

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