Put Some Respeck on Her Name! Mo’Nique Proves She’s the ‘Most Decorated’ Comedienne!

monique netflix awards

After calling for a Netflix boycott after she was offered $500K for a comedy special and white comedienne Amy Schumer was given $12 million, Mo’Nique is standing by her claim that she’s the most decorated comedienne EVAH!

Mo’Nique shades Amy’s profits from her last movie while fact-checking the “bankability” of her last gig as Aunt May in Almost Christmas.

Here’s Mo’Nique’s subtle drag:


Did y’all see that wink at the end?


  1. All of that maybe true but i still wouldn’t watch her. I don’t think that i could enjoy her comedy show because she is so angry. The way she hammers her point…she is not coming across as even likeable. She needs to try a different tactic

    • Sometimes the truth hurt. Maybe she should hop on one leg and bark like a dog. Would that make her likeable.

      She has every right to be angry. Better believe that some of this is because she went after Oprah, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels.

    • It’s obviously racism! Look what they offered Shonda Rhimes for her Netflicks contract, at measly $100,000,000!!! Terrence Howard was paid $1,500,000 for Iron Man 1, whilst Robert Downey Jnr was paid $500,000. Downey Jnr took it because that’s what he was worth at the time, and look how that humility worked out for him.
      Market forces decide your salary, if she was worth more someone would pay more. All the Masonic hand signs in the world are not going to help her career now.

  2. According to JustinJ, Wanda Sykes was offered less than Mo’Nique. Wanda turned them down.

    • Wanda Sykes’ hbo special is hysterical! She is much much funnier than Mo’Nique and rightly turned that chump change down.

      • wanda is on like 2 different shows right now. Plus she does voice work for like 2 Disney kids cartoons. I think her and Monique and both Disney voices ( doc mc stuffins and another). Disney has to be paying them so I think part of it is if I get so much $ for this I cant take x amount for that. ( which is somewhat true but also smells of some greed) overall Monique is way more funny and wanda crushes her and amy but bottom line is its 2018 and amys most recent. I mean Monique has to have checks coming in though, no need to be so mad.

  3. I think MoNique is one of the last of the old school style comediennes, where punch lines come at you like a blast of reality. Richard Pryor type comedy, raw, truth in your face. I can relate to her jokes and I think she adds a comical genius to every movie she’s in. Like “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins”. she was HILARIOUS in that. She also snatched Almost Christmas. She could do stand up comedy which the difficulty factor is way more challenging than just being in a comedy movie. When Richard Pryor, Martin Lawrence, or Eddie Murphy used profanity in their comedy it was an added “seasoning” on an already realistic dish…MoNique does it…and she’s considered angry. Can she live?

    • Chile please. Don’t EVAH put Monique’s name in the same sentence as the KING OF COMEDY…Richard Pryor! What chew been smoken?

      • @Mama lmaoooo. Not smoking yet, but soon. You don’t think she qualifies as that type of comedic rawness? okay

        • That is just a few of these fools opinion…she has it.

          Why blk people cannot support each other especially women is beyond me.

          • If blacks didn’t support her, she and the countless other comedians, actors, actresses, ministers, etc. never would have made it out of the gate. White folks didn’t know about Monique until Precious.

            We knew her from the Parkers, chitlin comedy circuit, BET, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, SOUL PLANE, and the like. BLACK FOLKS SUPPORTED ALL THAT.

            So quit repeating what your oppressor taught you. We support one another way more than you think.

            I like anyone that has the guts to speak truth to power.

            HOWEVER, Monique has to understand that you can
            You can make demands when you’re IN DEMAND. She isn’t at this time.

            Chris Rock, Chapelle, Murphy, Pryor and the like could COMMAND TOP DOLLAR based on their sheer genius talent and tremendous crossover appeal. What exactly has Monique done to do that?

            She’s so concerned about he say, she say mess when she should focus on developing the types of roles she’d like to see herself in. She is not a trailblazer in any shape form or fashion!

            Spike Lee, who proved he could make a film on a budget and turn a profit with a predominantly black audience IS. Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, John Singleton, as well as the Hudlin and Wayans Brothers ALL OWE HIM and STAND ON HIS SHOULDERS.

            And let’s just get it, Monique is not the first, nor will she be the last black actress to find the pickings slim and the playing field unlevel.

            You get around that by STACKING your chips, BUILDING your audience and brand and OWNING and PRODUCING your own projects. Yet, as smart as she ain’t, she’s spending precious (pun intended) time burning bridges she should be building.

            • Oh wait…I remember now you are that same BITCH who was supporting that Rapist cospig…

              Yeah nothing you say gets play with me so FUCK OFF!!!

              • Awwww. You mad huh? LMBAO!

                And to set the record straight, Bill COSBY has NOT BEEN CONVICTED of rape. So before you respond to me, have your facts in order short stop.

                This ain’t my first or last rodeo. I got time today.

            • LMAO…He will be You Dumb OLD BITCH…and your last rodeo will be sooner than you think…THANK GOD! LOL!!!

              And that is not a comment it an article, only a fucking moron cannot make a point in three sentences or less.

              FYI no one is scared you dried up and out skamp.

              • Read a book bitch. It’s clear you need to because you can’t write worth shit…let alone READ, since big words scare you. And if you have a problem with folks responding to your illiterate ass, scroll the fuck past the comment.

  4. Insteasd of trying to USE us to fatten HER pockets.. Why doesnt she just shop another deal around.. Makes ME think there arent that many deals on thr table lately… I just don’t understand why every time she doesn’t get her way she throws a tantrum and goes on a rant instead of just looking for another deal or better manager or better people to work with

    • She could always do that or NEGOTIATE…if she took her coon husband out of the equation. Just because someone is good at being a husband (if that) does NOT mean they are good at being a MANAGER who knows the ends and outs of striking, making, securing a deal. He proved that with Precious. How she gone get mad at the producers when her man is the one making the deal?

      • And someone needs to remind her there are FAR MORE TALENTED ACTRESSES OUT THERE that are FAR LESS TROUBLE that are also OUT OF WORK. She is not and has not done herself any favors with her go tell that attitude. No one’s going to want to touch her with a ten foot pole. What she is doing is unprofessional and makes her look desperate.

    • It’s because she’s not a Wanda.

      Wanda just passed on the deal because she knows she can go and write for a bunch of shows and films. She also knows she can go on the road and do well, as well as produce and act.

  5. She’s not that funny. She got on because big girls spend money on her thoroughly and consistently. It’s a market.

    And she should have been boycotted for participating in the film “Precious.”

    Sommore deserves a Netflix special. She’s actually funny. She should collab with Wanda and a few others on writing, but she should deliver the material.

    But Hollywood doesn’t like Sommore because she’s full black, fab, witty, likable, political, and she doesn’t conform to one of the stereotypes Hollywood lets in: overweight, ratchet, thot/available to white men, or granny.

    • I should be the first to point out that Netflix is NOT Hollywood! I had never heard of Sommore, checked her out on YouTube. I will admit that I think “female comedienne” is an oxymoron but here goes. If you think she has 7 figure level international appeal I can assure you that you are mistaken. Foul mouthed ghetto BS only has currency in the hood. If she would worth more Black people can produce a show for her and negotiate with Netflix to show it. What do you think “Producers” do? It will never happen as Blacks are averse to loosing money just like everyone else.

  6. Frankly i dont think hollywood likes Monique any more ..lol either.. Lol… She hasnt been in any thing in a min… Honestly she should had took the deal for the pr.. To get her face back out there… If she diddnt go on that rant.. We Wouldnt even know how much she was getting paid…just would had thought “oh mo-moe got a netflix special like every one else”.. I thnk she should had took the deal.. It could of lead to some thing else bigger

  7. We tryin to pay bills to eat and keep a roof over our heads – we cannot sympathize with people talking about money with commas!

  8. She should have never made that despicable horrific movie Preshus in the first place! What was the award for? One dude told me that he couldn’t even go to work the next day after watching that wretched movie! They used her. I wonder who else was being considered for that role and she practically did if for free.

  9. Folks need to watch Sommore’s Chandelier Status standup. She needs a Netflix standup, not Monique or Haddish.

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