Ciara Responds to Backlash After Telling Women to ‘Level Up’

ciara level up

Ciara first posted this sermon that encouraged women to approach dating with the mindset of becoming a wife.

#LevelUp. Don’t Settle.

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After all of the backlash, the singer had this to say to defend her post:


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Did she deserve to get dragged?


  1. I guess after her hoe phase now she wants to find self love? Bitch please she just gut lucky with a captain save a hux that Put a ring on it!!!

  2. U mean, she encouraged women to approach dating with mindset of becoming a beard.

  3. I dont think Ciara is generally happy. She is constantly putting herself out there to get attention. She misses the past which is Future.

  4. The nerve of her presuming there are plenty of RW’s to go around for all the black women in America. She is another mouthpiece for social engineering!

  5. Honestly I believe it’s the MEN who has the problem with “Being Married” they know deep down they’re not going to be faithful and don’t want to risk losing half of their assets. The men are not asking for women’s hand in marriage like they use to… and it’s even more rare in the African American community.

  6. I personally know several women, who are good catches and can’t get their man to even propose. Why? Don’t know… everything seems to be going great except that one thing “Marriage” conversation.

  7. So many people want the advantages of being married without the responsibilities of it.

  8. Wow if a white woman can come from the street, having had trains run in her.. She married some upper crust loaded man and become a loving wife. Why can’t Ciara change? I really could careless but we judge each other too harshly.. Take a look at the FirstLady in the White House, she had nude pictures all over the internet. They have removed many of them, but the media praises her a a poise, beautiful, charming and etc.. Just food for thought

  9. What did she say that was bad? I’m so lost!! She said go into dating to be a wife not a girlfriend, I would think that was common sense. But if people getting mad, maybe I’m tripping. What would you go out on a date for if you don’t have intentions on being his wife?

  10. Ciara says:

    Love your selves ladies
    Don’t make the mistakes I did
    Don’t settle


    Respect yourself. Don’t be a baby mama when if you desire to be a wife and mother, you can be those things.

    She got involved with a low lifer who had multiple baby mamas and who was never going to commit to her.

    If you want to be a mother, don’t settle for said low lifer. Do better. Love yourself first.


    Lots of people get triggered. The truth is that she is 100% correct. I would rather be single and die single loving and respecting my conscience, than to settle for a lifetime of distress. She has worries with her son’t father, forever.

    People need to get on Prozac or Librium or something. This getting easily triggered thing has a remedy.

    • Please, what is a husband? Some sort of special potato dish grow. Black men grow up in households where there is no such thing as a husband. Other races too but black men, but black men in the overwhelming numbers sadly. There is no MAN there they can emulate, someone who goes to work, bring home the money, bring himself to his wife and children, go to stuff on the weekends, go camping, go fishing with your sons. I’m not bashing, really, just stating facts. Things need to change. This is part of the black fam destroyed by TPTB that tells you a family is not normal unless you have all kinds of abominations involved. People need to get their priorities in order.

    • Husbands cant carry a baby is what you’re missing. And if you fail to choose the right man, you gone be raising a baby by yourself. You don’t need to talk to men, the woman controls the whole situation, keep your legs closed and if the man really want you he will marry you.

  11. The negatively here and the one she’s getting just proves what I’ve been denying and refusing to accept : black people suck. Too much ratchetness, anyone with a decent opinion or outlook is trashed or gay or an uncle Tom/coon. The stupidity is getting worse as years go by

  12. Women who want to marry, do.

    Ciara irritated the ones that talk that stuff, but walk right by the Russells for someone with a neck tat.

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