Are Princess Love & Ray J Over?

princess love ray j breakup

Princess Love and Ray J announced her pregnancy in November, and now it looks like their marriage might be over!

Princess has deleted all of the pictures of her and Ray off of her Instagram, and she dropped this message:

princess love ray j

The couple got married in August 2016.


  1. But he wants to make a sex tape with Blac Chyna so I can kind of understand why she would have the hump with him.

  2. I am so bored with their forever attempts at stardom and relevancy! Be gone with this BS!

  3. What’s new she’s jumped from pecker to pecker.. I hope she didn’t think he was going to stop taking it up the butt or screwing other chicken heads.. He’s no good and he’s not changing anything, you knew this when you married him.. Oh and where is Brandi, having a second baby and no bday daddy. Wow what women will take to say “I have a man”, but does he treats you right???

  4. He has never stopped cheating. When Chris Brown got arrested the last time bc of that blonde chick, Ray J was at his house fucking some other bitch. You got married and are pregnant, get your child support and go back to school.

  5. You knew who Ray j was from the get go…So why are you so surprise? You can’t change an individual. Just dragging around dead weight. Girl please ?

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