Ja Rule Compares 50 Cent to Trump

50 cent ja rule donald trump

It’s a new day and Ja Rule is still in his feelings over 50 Cent. But now, he’s comparing 50 to Trump!

50 cent ja rule beef donald trump

Do you agree or does Ashanti need to change Ja’s Twitter password?


  1. 50 cent is a self hating coon like all the other sellouts that get money and leave the hood and their people behind to suffer.

    • Get up and help yourself, should be the mantra in those neighborhoods!

      • @Nappy haired African: You are absolutely correct.

        @Anonymous: Black people who upgrade their CONSCIENTIOUSNESS into higher and more positive frequencies NATURALLY gravitate to places/neighborhoods where that type of vibe (higher, brighter, success and positivity) exists.

        This is both metaphysical AND nature. The only issue is in thinking that those better neighborhoods exist exclusively among the KKKraker. There are plenty of highly successful, positive and progressive Black people who form communities. No need to surround oneself with the natural killer of Black people.

    • Some black people are still scared to leave the plantation and there are some that figured out they deserve better and left! We’re free but some still are slaves, slaves to stupidity and that’s why you will always be left behind. If you had an opportunity to better yourself and live in a nicer neighborhood…well you know what an intelligent person would do. A dump person complains as they check the balance of their EBT card!

      • How about you look at history to see why people are in the conditions they are in, instead of spouting BS.

        So funny how easily some people forget.

        • and how long are you going to keep living in the past? get up and do something with your life besides keep blaming other people. we know what happened but i refuse to let that hold me down and not prosper hence why i left the plantation and got a college degree! white american isn’t holding back…i WORKED my way through just like 50 and so many other famous and non famous black people.

          • I am doing better than fine Asshole.

            But don’t act like shit is gravy out there for the majority…if all was well the police would not still be shooting MF like it is hunting season…you self-righteous POS.

          • And I would not be so quick to compare myself to 50 unless you bent over and opened wide to play catcher…the way you speak it would not surprise me if you did.

  2. No. Ja Rule is now looking for back up which is why he just name dropped all others other celebs, who don’t care nothing about him but is going wherever the money is. Which means even if 50 hates them, he still can buy them as friends. All those celebs are haters if you ask me including Jay. That’s why they get money and they floss on broke people.

  3. Ja Rule is trash. And he should just quit because he can never get ahead of 50, he to wack, his money ain’t long enough, his click aint strong enough and he not cute enough.

  4. As a matter a fact if 50 respond to this he would be a true bully. Because clearly Ja Rule has no juice, no sense and no staff to help him not embarrass himself. 50 should just keep it pushing and act like he ain’t see non of this.

    • 25 cents been a bully but that’s nothing new.. Twenty-five cents never to worry about his own business.. How in the world do you lose $400 million dollars? Can someone please tell me this? I knew w he’s a dummy and a fool and his money is a joke.. He has never did anything for the poor and underprivileged children. His chicken was licking Chelsea ass, while she was denying their relationship… No one would keep showing up on her show for nothing.. He still in the slave master head syndrome.. It’s really pathetic and the way he disses black women is horrible..When you know better you are suppose to do better.. A person can’t keep making the same sins for decades and not try to change..All 25 cents do us talk about all rappers and black women..

      • i forgot all about how Chelsea played him to the left. he loved that shit though. smh, coon. Chelsea publicly embarrassed his ass over and over and he NEVER said a word against her, yet he STILL goes at Vivica and his oldest sons mom every chance he gets.

  5. if it was that easy black people wouldn’t be in the position everybody ain’t kissing asses or selling their souls

    get out and get it urself BULLSHIT

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