Prince’s Ex-Wife Mayte Claims Prince Waited 3 Years for Sex

Late last year Prince’s ex-wife Mayte Garcia announced that she would be releasing an intimate memoir of her relationship with the legendary singer entitled, “The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince.”

People Magazine obtained some excerpts from the book, which is expected to release next month on the one-year anniversary of Prince’s passing.

In one of the many stories told within the book, Garcia talks about meeting Prince at the age of 16. During that time she was a successful belly dancer in Germany, and she delivered him a video of her dancing, and he would eventually invite her backstage.

Garcia said, “The encounter lasted forty seconds but it felt like we’d stepped outside of time.”

Prince and Garcia would keep in contact, and soon after graduating high school she would become one of his backup dancers, and “he subsequently became her legal guardian.”

At the age of 18, she moved into Paisley Park, and although he dated other women during the time she recounted that they would stay in his room all night and just talked until dawn.

When she turned 19 Garcia recalls Prince saying, “I think it’s time,” insisting that she start taking birth control. In the book, she then says, “A week or so later, I wrote in bold in my journal: Feb. 9, 1993 — not a virgin. And I drew a winking smiley face. Patience pays off.”

The couple married in 1996 and divorced a few years later in 2000.


  1. I think Mayte is going to try to rewrite history. I don’t see her in a favorable manner based largely on her behavior on Hollywood Exes. It’s my understanding her mother sent Prince a tape of her. Looks like she wanted to get her put on; back in the late 80’s/early 90’s, there was a clip of her singing Prince’s praises, real excited that her daughter was working w/Prince. Years later on the show, she hated him. I don’t believe Prince waited until Mayte was 19 either. I wish she would have been smarter & not have had sex with Prince. But maybe in her mind, she was being smart by eventually getting pregnant to beat out the competition. Was it worth it? Ask Nona Gaye.

    • Wasn’t Nona Gaye pregnant with Prince’s child. But she had an abortion when Mayte showed up with an engagement ring from Prince.

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly. Neither Mayte nor her mother had anything good to say about Prince on that show. It was also obvious she didn’t get anything but a set of dishes after their annulment. She said he basically tricked her into annulling the union with the understanding they didn’t need a piece of paper to justify their love…then married Manuela afterwards. Now, to sell a book, they had the greatest love of all? Bye child.

  2. Knew she would be the first to profit. The ashes barely cooled when the book announcement was made. Unlike Yahoo commenters, I believe the other story about the baby has truth to it. Not saying Prince was perfect because I remember Nona Gaye and troy Beyer were strongly encouraged to not birth any babies (pre-internet). Too bad him and Patrice Rushen didn’t work out.

  3. Dam this is all to crazy lol Prince sure did get around lol he was talented n all areas

  4. All I’m saying is she has a right to tell her story, but since she’s doing it so soon after his death, it would be good if she was honest about things. On the show she struck me as unstable at times, even destroying other ppl’s property. Lack of anger management. One has to read the book in order to know whether they like it or not, & folk have the right to react pro or con. I do hope the book will be therapeutic for her at least of sorts. I thought it was wrong of Prince not to allow her to talk about the baby when he died. She should have defied his ass & spoke of her loss(es). She began speaking about it on the show, so again maybe this book will help her in this case.

  5. Prince was, is and will be gay as a unicorn flashing rainbows out of his ass
    In fact he is still alive : he acts as his “sister”

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