Matt Explodes After Getting Dumped by Kenya Moore

Matt Jordan has been on a social media rampage over the past few days blasting Kenya Moore as an alleged prostitute for wealthy Nigerians, which is a stark contrast to how he seemingly felt about her a few weeks ago while filming this scene from Season 9 Episode 18 where he broke down in tears after being handed his walking papers. Peep it out below..


  1. Damn! Claudia Jordan recently said in a video on you tube that my city Atlanta is the place for a woman to be taken care of by a wealthy Nigerian, man the things some of these people will do for money, I hope this is not true what is being said about Kenya though

  2. Means they just backpage hoes, they would fuck with any man especially African married men for some monetary $$$ funds… all them bitches would. Kenya did it, Porsha did it with a Married African dude, and even Phaedra with that African dude Mr Chocolate!!!

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