French Montana Expecting Baby With 50 Cent’s Ex?

french montana tatted holly 50 cent pregnant

French Montana allegedly has a baby on the way with 50 Cent’s ex-girlfriend, Tatted Holly.

Peep the tea:

This would be French’s second kid.



  1. IF THIS IS TRUE THEN HE REALLY IS AN IDIOT!!! WASNT SHE EXPOSED A WHILE BACK AGO FOR TRYING TO FUCK SOME MEN IN DUBAI, SHIIT SHE WAS ON A DUBAI TRIP THAT TIME AS WELL, THEY HAVE CHAT ROOM EVIDENCE AND EVERYTHING.. SMH Daaam don’t these morons ever read their Hoe Fax before they fuck with them thots, smh shiiit you should have your list on check, this bitch you do not nutt in, she just looking for a come up!!!, 50 was smart, he knew better who to fuck with and who to just fuck and move on!!!!

  2. This man, likeDJ Khaled, is neither a musician or rapper. They just jump on other people’s train. In any event, his life, his money. Another child brought into a miserable life.

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