Prince’s Cause of Death Revealed

prince cause of death

Law enforcement officials have revealed the true cause of Prince’s April 21st death.

According to the Associated Press, the cause of death has been listed as an opioid overdose. This news comes after Prince’s history of prescription painkiller abuse was revealed from multiple sources.

Prince was photographed pacing outside of a  Walgreens pharmacy just days before his death. He also suffered an alleged drug overdose 7 days before he passed away.

According to the AP, the law enforcement official spoke under anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.


    • While this issue with our beloved Prince's death is of importance to most of us I'd like to bring attention to another one of our great icons, Mohammad Ali who has been hospitalized since last Tuesday. It stayed hushed until his daughter felt it was time to make a public statement which she has now done.

      Please pray for the Champ. Give him a shout out even if you're not a boxing fan.
      His accomplishments are far too great & many to name & I'm too sad to even start since his boxing career started either just before or right after I was born.

      I've seen him at several charity event over the years with his wife over recent years & well always remember how I felt when I hugged him & he told me "You smell so good. Go tell Lonnie what that is so I can get her some..she'll love that!" It's crazy how meeting people & a few sentences said will stay with you a lifetime.

      Pray for the Champ you guys…

      • Ali has passed. Rest in peace. when are you going to post his passing, snitch?

        • Sorry, i realise this isnt't RWS…I'm just a bit upset. I went on the dailyfail to find out he had died and they were already trashing his legacy and calling him a serial adulterer, and i thought i would come on here for some non biased, non racist news only to find out it hadn't even been posted yet. The way they going on at the dailyfail, you would think he engaged in adultery all throughout his protracted illness to the very end of his life…smh.

        • I posted my comment on this thread BEFORE Champ passed.
          Quite honestly….I didn't expect him to leave us so quickly.

          As for the negativity being spread via other media outlets…
          Fortunately, my job as taught me to expect it & how to avoid it.
          So, to spare your heart, nerves, sanity & peace level the moment you see/hear all the "negative drama-rama" think of your own fondness of the person & immediately turn away from the rest. The media in general will destroy all our spirits if we take in everything they tell us which are usually a bunch of lies for the most part anyway.

  1. They must gave did a autopsy quick try hen they cremated him 3 days later now its time to make money off him putting out unreleased music then the hologram

    Prince dealt with the devil for years served sex drugs posed nude, clapped His femme looking ass in this pants crossed dressed but women loved him

  2. "According to the AP, the law enforcement official spoke under anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media."

    So why should we believe him…. They are trying to hard.

  3. Prince Nelson Rogers equals 666. Don't be fooled he was in the order he was doing all the hand signs etc. he was no innocent victim OK he was into cross-dressing when he started he wore more makeup than Beyoncé –showed his ass, dressed like a woman… live by the sword die by the sword. Elvis died from doing too many drugs too so did many white boy rockstars.

    • You know 666 true meaning? 666 is black people carbon aka melanin. Stop believing that European brainwashed religious bs.

  4. My gawd yall. Why do you think it's so complicated? He had every sign of being a drug addict, especially after that emergency landing the week before. He was skinny as hell, he had a dude flying in from Cal with Suboxen to help him taper off and even friends say he has been on pain meds for a long time.

    What does 666 have to do with all that? People die, it happens every day. Fentanyl is 100 times stronger than Morphine which is 10 times stronger than heroin. It is ONLY given for cancer and hospice patients. No ethical doctor ever prescribes Fentanyl for hip or back pain. You basically have to be dying to get it legitimately.
    If you take the Fentanyl patch, it doesn't come in pill form, and either shoot it or put the liquid in your cheek and let it absorb into your bloodstream through the buccal membranes(how addicts use it) you can easily die. The patch is meant to be absorbed through the skin over 3 days, so taking all the medication at once is DEADLY. But it happens all the time to people who aren't famous and who are not part of the dreaded Illuminati.
    You guys want to see a conspiracy in everything.

    cue Stephen typing that I am a shill in 3…2….1 LOL

    • “Why do you think it's so complicated?”
      It’s not but they are making it complicated with these stories that they are releasing to the public.

      “He had every sign of being a drug addict, especially after that emergency landing the week before.”
      Really? I don’t remember any rumors or even any stories that he was a drug addict until recently. As far as that emergency room landing, I found it very odd that he refused treatment and wanted to go straight to Minnie until I read that under Minnesota law only the manner and cause of death is made public. All other medical examiner data is considered private or nonpublic data. Hmmmm, how convenient. Maybe someone should give Walgreens employees in Minnesota a lesson in what is considered public and private information but I digress….

      “He was skinny as hell, he had a dude flying in from Cal with Suboxen to help him taper off and even friends say he has been on pain meds for a long time.”

      Why would they have Andrew Kornfeld (who isn’t a doctor) fly all the way from Cali, on a red eye flight mind you, to bring a drug (buprenorphine) to give to another doctor (who they won’t name) because Dr. Schulenberg is not authorized to prescribe buprenorphine, to administer it to Prince in order to help him “taper off”? Shouldn’t that have been done in a clinical setting? And yet he was left alone with a lethal dose of Fentanyl by those who claimed that he needed help with his addiction. A lethal dose that he supposedly administered to himself.
      But okay….

      Knit 1 purl 2

    • prince was murdered for his catalog it's that simple he did not want tog ive up that cataolog they even had will smith to talk to prince

      • you bacsically you want me to believe everything that the media reports right? not question it. you know the media make up shit all the time so we should get rid of independent jouralinst who tell you shit that the news won't tell you okay

        • you do know that news reporters take the masonic oath which means they tell you half truth and whole lies when i don't trust but people like you call me consrpiacy nut job "{ if i don't believe the news okay. i understand everybody is not going to believe you.

    • Doctors will prescribe any thing you ask for as long as the money keeps rolling in. My mother was given oxy and Fentanyl patches for arthritic knee pain. Strangely enough she had a harder time trying to kick the stuff than she did when she was on it.
      And just for the record my mother never chased the drug illegally, her meds were prescribed by her pain mgmt doctor. Doctors aren't worth anything today.

  5. This drug is 100X stronger than morphine (per Dr. Drew) so how on earth was Prynce able to perform?? I don't get it. I can't comprehend how he was on this drug and still performing live.

    • You would be surprised at the things people can do while on opiates. Look at how many singers perform flawlessly while doped up on H.

  6. Honestly I don't know what happened to Prince. I don't believe anything that the media says. Funny how this story was broken by TMZ. Results came back pretty quickly. He did a show before his death, he seemed fine

  7. “No ethical doctor ever prescribes Fentanyl for hip or back pain. You basically have to be dying to get it legitimately.”

    “But it happens all the time to people who aren't famous and who are not part of the dreaded Illuminati.
    You guys want to see a conspiracy in everything.”

    I feel what you are saying but there’s the rub. It’s so common and believable that he could have died from an overdose of the drug. I mean really, what better place to hide deceit than in plain sight, right in the middle of an epidemic. Like I said before, they are trying to hard….

    On the flip side (tin hat removed), I live in the hood and there are so many quacks that give out opioid scripts to just about ANYONE who claims that they have pain. In fact Pain Management Clinics are the new dough boys here and their patients are the street workers. Morphine, Percs, and Vicodin are readily available on the streets but nobody really messes with fen fen (Fentanyl) because it’s too dangerous and easy to OD off of.

    I have also worked in hospice before and guess who was ripping the Fentanyl patches off the backs of patients and it wasn’t the visitors either.

    • Yep. You are right on BE about those doctors that's why I'm thinking about seeing naturopathic doctors instead.
      I'm on the fence about the conspiracies just because Prince wasn't really much of a threat to TPTB but on the other hand I wouldn't put anything past them.

      • Hey Cheese! Me Too! Mr Doctor just labeled me as being non compliant because of me taking a supplement that she thinks is bs. She cant deny the numbers, tho my cholesterol dropped from 178 to 151 without meds lol.

        Stop Eating Processed Foods People!

        • You have to stay on doctors nowadays and you better keep track of your own health because they sure as hell won't. My aunt died when her doctor gave her penicillin after a simple shoulder surgery. Her allergy to certain antibiotics was listed in her medical records but this doctor didn't check and she didn't tell them.
          The only thing they are learning in med school now is how to write a prescription.
          Check out the documentary called "Prescription Thugs"…Big Pharma is no joke.

  8. okay prince did drugs alright so is everybody else charile sheen is still alive give people stds LOL prince was killed, whitney was killed they gave whiteny a drug to knock her out and placed her in the tub like her daughter

  9. now that prince is dead warner brothers is going to make millions off of him prince did not want to play ball i mean come on yall why do you think will smith called prince because these people know prince pr knew he was going to die

  10. Black people and conspiracy theory, talk about intellectual laziness. It is easier for most of you to believe there is a conspiracy instead of seen the person for who they really are.

    • From you lips to God's ears Ms Beth.

      People like Stephen don't ever want to hear the truth and wouldn't know it if it hit him between the eyes.

      Yes Stephen, it is normal to be a bit skeptical of the MSM when you are a black person. I get that. But you don't believe anything ever. You don't seem to employ any analytical skills or common sense.

      Now this is just my opinion, but Black Enga is a person who is very self aware and smart. She freely admits to being an open eyed skeptic. But the difference between you and her is that she KNOWS that on occasion she may be reading things into stories that may or may not be valid cynicism.
      She also states, as in this thread, that sometimes(to quote Sigmund Freud: a cigar is just a cigar—-meaning that a cigar doesn't always represent an underlying male phallic symbol) and that the truth can be the simplest answer. She is aware that opiates are huge now, and that they can turn someone in a matter of months from a productive normal person into someone staring death in the eyes.

      Stephen you have attributed every black death to a conspiracy or a sacrifice since you've been posting here. Do you truly believe that black folk don't die of natural causes or because of self neglect? That's why I think that your tin hat must be cemented on your head.

      • @ Anonymous Jun 3, 2016 at 15:01

        Sorry, I just saw what you posted but thank you for your kind words, I think lol. I don't mean any harm when I post on this site, I just call it like I see it and sometimes things that I post make people uncomfortable but it is what it is.

        My eyes were opened a long time ago but I didn’t understand my discernment back then. It was a feeling of uneasiness or a heightened sense of someone or something not being quite right, you know what I mean? This site and certain people (you know who you are *wink*) on it helped me to understand and like I said before you can’t unsqueeze toothpaste or unring a bell.

        Sorry not sorry to people I offended. Um Just BEing Me 

      • YES their are black people and people in general who die of natural yes you are right? but this isn't a natural cause he was murdered for his catalog it's not just black people stop it i mean no disrespect prince was satanic hand gestures havin gay orgies dressing up in drag

        • Stephen, I am sure that we can agree to disagree amicably a I am not likely to change my stance and neither are you. All I ask is that you do not continue to label me a "plant" or a "shill" posting here in order to attempt to shape people's thinking.
          I am just another Jacky Jasper longtime regular who has traded ideas in posts with BE and others since 2012. Even if I cannot loosen your tin hat and open your mind to the possibility that everything is not a sinister plot designed to destroy the black community and its celebrities, at least can you accept that there ARE some of us who do not share your theories about Masonic control of every little thing which occurs and that we do not all believe that the Boule is not without its positive aspects.
          I may be in the minority, but just as there are black Republicans(which I am not) there are black Democrats who think Obama is a great president and that Lamar Odom has caused his own downfall. A the expression goes, black folk are not monolithic.

    • “Black people and conspiracy theory, talk about intellectual laziness.”

      Wow Beth that was a generalized low blow. What about the other races that believe in conspiracy theories are they intellectually lazy or does it just pertain to Black people?

      I can only judge things by what is presented to me. The fact is I didn’t know Prince personally so I can only speculate as to what happened to him. But the way that his image has been presented by the media goes against what his fans and those who were lucky enough to have known him personally say about his character. This leads me to suspect foul play/cover up/or what have you.

      What the media has presented thus far is an insult to my intelligence conspiracy wise or not it is full of holes and it doesn’t make sense. If you want to believe what the media says about him have at it but don’t knock me for seeing through the bullshit that they report. They are the ones throwing up Masonic hand gestures and flashing occult symbols while reporting the so called news. What the hell do you want me to do, pretend that I didn’t see it?

      Nah, you can miss me with that one….

      My name is Black Enga and I am a conspiracy theorist!

      • I'm riding with Beth. I find also its BW doing the heavy lifting and mammying of black males with all this conspiracy bullshit. Save and mammy yourself, Enga you won't be getting any metals for mammying.

        Prince had HIV from being bisexual it turned to AIDS he was in pain and he offed himself. The overdose after his last concert was the run-up. He predicted his death. He had AIDS that's why he was celibate, didn't want to infect anybody, that was good of him.

      • BE,
        You know I've been with you on countless subjects over the years & I'm with you on this one as well.

        I'm not even discounting what Anonymous said as I feel there may be a bit of validity to certain aspects of his/her comment but as a whole across the board I'm with you especially when you factor into account that the drug in question should never have been administered on an out patient basis in the first place.

        Worse, while I personally can't confirm because I honestly don't know but I'm hearing what was given to Prince was NOT on the consumer market as of yet, had no FDA approval & THAT is the reason the DEA & other agencies are so allegedly involved. They want to find out exactly where it came from. Like me, you immediately noticed how "the doctor & his son" who was supposed to be "coming to help" Prince have completely fell off the face of the earth now & nobody is saying anything about it. For all we know…THEY could have hand-made the Fentanyl dose that ultimately took Prince out.

        Now, where is Harvey Levin & his TMZ "know all- see-all" crew on that? Why aren't they on top of the location of doctor & his son…they're on top of everything else…just saying.

  11. i love coming on to this site i do but i not gonna change LOL prince knew he was going to die prince went on his instrgram and said" just when you think you're safe" he prince was murdered man prince was satanic devil he was i mean no harm but come on they fake documents all the time

  12. rpince had close ties to the elites man, he sung about 9/11 "osama bin laden gettin ready bomb" he sung about it is that consrpraicy theroy? is my hat too tight? LOL

  13. Wait a minute WHETTTTT?!? What the hell is mammying and what Black Men am I mammying for? And I am "SAVED" for your information and when I call HIM, he's right there. HA! How in the hell you gone tell me?

    Oh but you can ride for Beth tho but if I did want to ride for anyone which I 'm not in this particular case, just stating the obvious, I have to be a mammy. WOW OOOOooookay.

    Your world, SPIN….

    • BE I hope you are aware, and I think you are, that I am NOT the one who used the term mammying.

      I am the person who wrote earlier that you were skeptical, but not closed minded to the possibility that not all ills befalling black celebrities are the result of "The Elite" conspiring to murder or defame.

      I agree with the bulk of the other person's theory(I believe Prince became HIV + at one of his infamous "anything goes" orgies at Paisley Park in the 90s) and I believe that both his drug dependency as well as his religious conversation stemmed from that devastating transition in his life.
      I know from people who were present at said orgies that Prince WAS NOT GAY, rather under the influence of ecstasy and boatloads of cocaine(yes he used both frequently when partying)he did occasionally swing the other way when high as a kite. He loved women, that was NOT an act. He adored women and if anything he loved women too much, but while folks here believe if you commit a gay sex act you are gay, those of us who have been there know that after enough ecstasy, and DaRadiant1 has agreed to this before, you will make love to a tree or a sofa. That doesn't make you a tree sexing pervert. LOL ;p
      I think that Prince eventually did not wish to live in the pain of knowing where his life was going. It mattered so much to him that he was a positive example of a Jehovah's Witness. He was dedicated to that life. His health was rapidly failing, and he was deep in depression. I know in my heart that he chose to end his life, and many insiders know this as well.
      But BE, I have great respect for you, and I would never demean or name call. That is simply not my style.

      And for anyone who will say, "well Magic ain't dead…why was Prince failing after being poz for 10 years?" Prince was no Magic Johnson. Magic was a picture of health and excellent physical condition when he became poz. Most importantly he was detected early due to the Laker's required physical, and he began treatment with the anti-retrovirals at the outset of his illness.
      Everyone is a unique case when it comes to HIV. You cannot compare patient A to patient B. Look at the people of central Africa. They are so immune suppressed and weak they succumb in a few short years.

      Anywoo BE, I hope that you come to a point where you feel that you are at peace with what happened to a great man,,,,a man who MUST be remembered for all his contributions to the arts and fabric of American music, and not for his unfortunate end.

      • Trying to post under you @ Anon 21:52

        Anon 15:01 in all honesty I didn’t see your reply until I posted my reply because I was typing it in word to copy and paste it here but I got busy answering a call. By the time I did I saw your reply.

        Beth took me for a loop by throwing race into the mix and Anon 16:58 said I won’t be receiving any medals for mammying I was like WHAT, that’s what you think I’m doing because I don’t agree with the media’s coverage of his death? So not true, if anything I was saying that yeah he could have died from an overdose but all this scrambling and playing the shell game with his will makes me think otherwise. This is MY opinion, I didn’t resort to name calling when Beth disagreed. I figured she was talking about me and Stephen for saying things about conspiracy theories but Anon 16:58 directed it to me personally by mentioning my name.

        “above message is for Anonymous Jun 3, 2016 at 16:58”

        I posted this because the reply went to the bottom of the page instead of below their post where I attended it to be. Sorry for the mix up Anon 15:01, I really meant no disrespect by saying “I think” it was a bit tongue in cheek hence the “lol” being added because I know that I DO go down rabbit holes deep sometimes and post it on here, forgive me. All of you who have been on here awhile know that about me that’s why I said You Know Who You Are *wink*. I sincerely apologize if I offended you as it was not my intention to do so.

        We are never going to agree with everything that this blog posts, when I do disagree I try to do it respectfully as I thought I did with Beth. Because EVERONE is entitled to their opinion even if you don’t agree with it.
        Most of the things that I have recently learned about Prince were from his fan page @ Prince dot org. While some believe he died of AIDS, some believe that he was murdered that’s how I happened upon this site:

        Which blew my hair back, talk about a mind F…?
        I don’t know if Prince had AIDS just like I don’t know if he was murdered or if he really died of an overdose, I wasn’t there. All I’m saying is that the way his death is being covered by the media leads me to be very, very skeptical.

        Sorry, really sorry.

        • You should never apologize for what you initially believed, you have a right to stand by your claim even if it just an opinion. Most conspiracy theorists in this site are voicing their opinion not fact. What you stated earlier is not inaccurate that black people tend to stubbornly defend the character of famous black celebs like they know them personally. There is a whole "believe" system they tend to adopt when someone black and famous dies. They blame the media and white people but never see their heroes as imperfect mess. By the way deceased white celebs are viewed as flawed when they die by their white fans. I do believe it is disrespectful to prince to not see him as human who had issues and struggles like any other human being, the difference is money and fame probably made things worst.

  14. Sorry….*over recent years* & *will not well*
    Typos & grammatical errors are worse when you already feel low!

  15. PRINCE DIED OF AIDS !!!! 100% Fact !!! The workers at the cvs near his house admitted to giving him PLENTY OF AIDS MEDICATIONS !!! ~ Opium = Illuminati Lies !!! P.s. Gay = Aids !!!

  16. The report released today doesn't say anything about AIDS. Committing suicide is the only power a human has in life terms of staying or going before something outside of their own power decides it for them. Some call it bravery, some call it cowardice. Conspiracy theories are not 'magical' explanations but instead additional information that can supply our brains with facts and history that we would be wise to consider. We might be hearing in 20 years that what we suspect today actually happened.

    • It says nothing about HIV medications because that would be against the strict privacy laws of Minnesota. Unlike California, the Medical Examiner does not release an autopsy report(as with Whitney and MJ)

      The ME will only reveal which drug was responsible for the decedent's death, and the effect of being HIV+ did not kill him. The Fentanyl killed him and that is all we will ever be told officially.
      Unofficially, you can be sure that eventually there will be leaks to the Enquirer and the Daily Mail by someone who has viewed the autopsy, which is very sad, but money talks.

  17. Why are Prince former wives, Girlfriends and friends so quiet about his death? If Foul Play was involved, it seems someone would be brave enough to say something.

    • Because insiders know he offed himself. He had talked about it cryptically for months.

  18. The only person I apologized to is Anon 15:01 because they thought I was talking about them. Don't try to act like you care about my opinion all of a sudden which hasn't changed by the way. That sorry not sorry still stands for you and Anon 16:58….

    • I am not even white so your race baiter statement seem stupid. It just shows that conspiracy theorists like you are not that bright.

  19. "Black people and conspiracy theory, talk about intellectual laziness."
    So why bring race into the argument, you could have left it at people and conspiracy theory.

  20. Black people on urban gossip blogs tend to go off the trail when it comes to rationing black celeb deaths. White fans will accept a flawed famous celeb and move on but blacks will go into conspiracy bs.

    • I agree Beth. When Elvis died on the toilet after years upon years of drug abuse and debauchery, his fans found it sad, but there was acceptance too. There certainly was no outcry that the media was lying about him. Same with all the rock stars who died before 30.

      Of course that was before the age of the internet. Now everyone seems to see conspiracy everywhere. And there are many site on YT which make bundles of money by provoking and encouraging CT. I personally hate it. It deflects attention from areas which deserve attaention and brain power.
      If some of the folks here, and I am NOT singling out anyone in particular, put as much time and effort into improving their own life as they do in trying to decode the "Satanic Elite," they would be far better off in the long run.

      "Stay woke" has come to mean stay looking for hidden symbolism and underlying motives. Yet, even if one was to get a handle on the hidden motives of the "Satanic Elite," exactly what can they do about it? Use your brain and your abilities in a way which will benefit you, your family and hopefully your community.

      • You are absolutely right that they waste their energy on unproductive things like trying decode black celebrity deaths. I do believe most of those people suffer from some form of paranoid delusion which is a form of mental illness. You have to understand the mind of a conspiracy theorist and paranoia, they "distrust" government and society in general. Black conspiracy theorists are the worst offender when it comes to black celeb deaths in their eyes those famous people are flawless humans who were either corrupted by some evil Jews in Hollywood or was murdered by some secret elites. Prince is not perfect, so is MJ and Whitney and other decreased black celebs, they all had problems and struggles all their lives like any other human beings.

  21. Damn Stephen right down to the day. Alright…..Um officially creeped out now, lol.

    stephen Apr 21, 2015 at 16:09
    word is prince’s miscarriages actually blood sacrifices. T.PT.B are done with prince they are just trying to find a way to get rid of him. prince has a lot of unreleased music that could outsell michael, tupac, whitney , etc . people love celebs and worhship them. especially if you’re dead you’re worth more dead than alive why? because people like clive davis, la reid, russell simmions will make “killn” off of you and the family most of the time won’t get nothing. that’s why aaliyah”s fam is upset not because of the movie because they want to get paid. barry is makin money off aaliyah. hey, it’s all bout that dolla dolla sad oh well that is the industry


  22. Does any think it is strange that a person with full blown AIDS was able to ride a bike, throw a party, got to a jazz club or do two two hour concerts? If he died because of AIDS the report would have said so. It is on the report that he had surgical scars on both legs. One going down his hips.

  23. Bullsh*t.

    Kornfeld likely gave him the lethal dose of fentanyl while convincing him it was safe, or he just grabbed him and did it. It's very easy for people to get close to celebrities and do these things. The people that killed him wanted him gone badly. Whatever they gave him on the day of that flight didn't do it, so they sent that assassin; and they made sure the backstory was good.

    If Ozzy Osbourne, Steven Tyler, and Keith Richards are fine; don't tell me that Prince OD.

  24. Several questions for anonymous 21:52 and I believe everything you stated bout his death. I know you have reliable sources.
    What did prince say cryptically other than he wanted sometimes it snows in April played at his funeral?
    You state he caught HIV in the 1990's, then it states he was positive for 10 years. So which one was it.
    If caught in the 1990's how does this coinside with Mayte pregnancies and if 10 years ago, it would mean that he was still sleeping with men even after all the orgy parties. can you elaborate.

  25. What are some of the main common denominator between Michael Jackson Whitney Houston and Prince (conspiracy theory aside)? Go ahead, I’ll wait….

    Nah, I’ll tell you. They all had been worked hard by the industry and were not bringing in the mega bucks that they used to in their prime. They all had become worth more dead than they were alive for voicing their opinions about their handlers Sony, Clive, and Warner Brothers who profited greatly from their deaths I might add. They all died suspiciously from overdoses. These are not conspiracy theories these are known facts.

    You can keep saying that these were flawed people that we are idolizing and don’t want to let go of if it helps your argument but the truth is that all three of them died under strange and mysterious circumstances that can’t be explained away and you know it, we just explore those circumstances with research. So call me crazy, deluded or paranoid I don’t care, I’ll BE all of those just don’t call me blind, deaf or dumb.

    They are taking ownership of the masters/catalogs/ works by some of the BEST BLACK ARTISTS in the music industry by any means necessary right before your eyes and yet you still refuse to see it. But keep on looking with your eyes wide shut if you want to while they keep on controlling the record industries, film and television studios that are replacing you with white people telling you how to sing, dance, and act Black. Yeah, white washing is still alive and well but that’s another story for a different day…..

    *sips coffee and walks away humming this little light of mine….*

    • thank you that's what i have been saying but im crazy the only difference is micheal jackson faked his death michael jackson is dave dave

      • one more thing to prove that prince was killed there is a song called poison prince

        • No prob Stephen stand in your truth no matter what it is. I heard this once in a movie "sometimes being a bitch is all a woman has to hold unto". All I have to hold unto is my faith, myself, and my own unique personality that makes me ME and that includes an insatiable curiosity to try to understand the why's what's how’s and what if's of this world. I have the right to ponder and question things that go against my faith, logic and understanding. I have been this way since I was a child and despite the countless ass whoopings and punishments I endured I survived my childhood with my inquisitive nature still intact so you know I’m not about to change now. I could care less about what people think about me. I have never been considered normal and never will be. What the hell is normal anyway these days?

          I am abnormal and I approve of this message.


        • It sure as hell is…another poster here who is a huge Prince fan told me about it and I swore she was lying until she showed me Amy Macdonald's CD cover. I was so shocked and after seeing the lyrics…I was too through. What got me was how she explained this came out in 07-08 meaning they'd been plotting on Prince since way back then. She said they didn't take him out then because it would have been too obvious.

          So, while people in here calling y'all crazy there are a few of us who don't feel that way at all.

          • Yeah, so many things eluded to his demise and just to think, today would have been his birthday….


  26. Beyond the value of his music, whites also went after him because when he said "black lives matter," they knew he wasn't fishing for publicity. He was putting his voice and name behind pro-black efforts, and that scared the sh*t out of them, especially since he was actually a normal, bible-thumping guy.

    This is the same guy that watched state of the black union, took notes, and invited everyone to his house to continue the discussion.

    People wonder why more black entertainers don't make power moves; this is why. If they do it in Africa, it's cool. Anything involving the US makes them a target.

  27. Hey everybody. I would like to ask , could it be that Mayte was never really pregnant? I never saw any pictures of her being pregnant.

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