Phaedra Parks Makes Appearance at 2017 Essence Fest Empowerment Experience ?

Because, I guess someone had to!

FORMER #RHOA personality, Phaedra Parks resurfaced this weekend at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana.

According to Allaboutthetea:

The 43-year-old mother of two spoke at the event’s Empowerment Experience — a session designed to inspire and uplift the community. During her panel, Parks chatted with Essence editor Patrick Henry Bass, and skillfully portrays herself as a black woman, who has been victimized by the power of  television editing.

According to Parks, black people are often portrayed as one thing, especially those who consume salacious reality TV shows, but are more than that. In Phaedra’s own words,

“Black women are mosaic. We are diverse in nature.”

She downplays her role in creating the drug/rape rumor and paints herself as a survivor of an evil regime (Bravo), that used her to entertain viewers. “Television is a tough business. And the purpose of television is obviously to entertain and sometimes it’s at the expense of the people, who are doing the entertaining.” She tells the audience of mostly African-American women. “It’s a very hard platform to obviously maintain certain things on, because it is… a platform where they have the power to edit and make things appear as though, they’re one thing, when it’s something totally different. But you can’t live with regrets.”

She continues: “The size of your problem is sometimes indicative of the magnitude of your destiny!”


  1. Doing damage control no doubt. She didn’t have to travel far to celebritate (is this a word LOL) herself. This speech is a little too late. But if she can help to remove these ratchet azz reality shows, go for it!

  2. As long as there are dirty rich black men needing for their divorced spouse to have income so they can get away with not supporting them, there will always be reality shows. These shows original intent were to help poor women earn a living but the greedy azz negroes with money quickly moved in to snatch food from their mouths.

  3. Phaedra the Phelon. Her and Apollo deserve each other and even he doesn’t want her anymore. #BlackTrash

  4. For some of you writers on this site that don’t like Phaedra, why are you worrying about where she is speaking? This was obviously a pre-planned event (just like her/Aidan being on big star little stars USA), all scheduled while doing her RHOA gig. One thing i do know is that when Star Jones & Vanessa Williams were on Andy Cohen’s WWHL & Andy asked them two about the RHOA, Star Jones stuck up for Phaedra (both are good friends) & stated she believed that producers do start shit for ratings, etc. And guess what, Andy didn’t push back or deny that one of those producers told Phaedra that rumor. Andy/Star go way back & apparently Star has had conversations with Andy about the portrayl of Black women on his shows. Phaedra didn’t create shit, but she did repeat it.

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