Phaedra Parks Blames ‘RHOA’ Producers for Firing: “I Was Set-Up!”

Phae Phae lookin Cray Cray!

Phaedra Parks is blasting ‘RHOA’ producers for feeding her lies and firing her when she called them out … which has ruined her rep and led to daily threats and bullying.

Sources close to the ex-Housewife reveal she’s mad as hell, because she claims a producer gave her the B.S. story she told to Porsha Williams about Kandi Burruss — the whole drugging and raping thing.

The producer didn’t necessarily tell her to repeat it with cameras rolling, but we’re told Phaedra explained the producer’s role during the reunion show. She’s also angry because that was edited out of the reunion to make it look like she acted alone.

The way Phaedra sees it, she was fired in retaliation for throwing producers under the bus.

Some report say that Phaedra’s been getting online threats, and … at least one fan wants her to face even more punishment. Her office is also getting bombarded with hate mail, and her kids are getting harassed.

Phaedra insists the ‘Housewives’ crew knows she’s not the source of the lie.


  1. See my comment under “is Frick or Frack over” article on HSK if you want more truth on this situation. Reality TV at it’s finest, people. Insiders are everywhere.

    • I read your comment. Your info is better than some of the articles on this site. Another site did confirm the producer gave the rumor to Ph, but insisted she wasn’t supposed to tell P. Everything, you said about Ph makes sense. Anyway, in the end, i think eventually the truth will come out, & all of their “stuff” will be exposed—it may trickle out, but it will come out in the end. As N said, “you can’t win playing dirty.” This may be the best thing for Ph & her family because she would have probably never left, unless something forced her to leave. These shows are a disaster & it seems like it will only get worse.
      Sidenote: I’ve always believed Todd is dirty like Apollo, but doing some other criminal stuff…….birds of a feather flock together…….

  2. Finally, she was one boring asss Negro… its about time.. These bitches are an Embarrassment, Cooning for TV.. Shiit whats next, Tap Dancing for Masta Andy? smh Coon Asss House Negroes

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