Petty Crop: Diddy Shades Fabolous & French Montana

diddy fabolous french montana

We understood when Diddy cropped Kendall and Kylie Jenner out of his Met Gala photo, but his latest savage antic has us in tears.

The photo the rap mogul posted included Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, and Nas. But the REAL photo was posted to French Montana’s Instagram.

diddy french montana picture

Diddy really erased French’s entire existence and cropped out Fab LOL.


  1. French and DJ K are always mugging somewhere and their only claim to fame is that they been around BM and BW.

  2. Agreed,i read dancing with the devil a few months back,ppl still support him/the industry smh

  3. French has no business in the industry and he’s an other.

    Fab married a Mexican.

      • i thought his wife was black. all the pics i have seen were of a black woman.

        • I think he’s married to Emily Bustamante who’s PR (I doubt a black PR) and Dominican (I doubt a black Dominican).

    • LOL! I was thinking the same thing! Did Diddy and French break up… lol and he mad cuz Fab won’t let him hit!

    • Fab is dope (10x the emcee Kendrick is), but he’s not a “king” right now.

  4. When puff done with you he’s done with you let’s hope he doesn’t do a reality show about it

    Puff off gay vibes for years like he miss whispering in biggies ear

    Kissing rick Ross, kissing other guys, half naked around other dudes, nelly all on his ass and arms around Lee Daniels like they fucked

    Making tranny Laverne cox famous

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