SNL’s Leslie Jones: ‘I Might Die Alone’

leslie jones

Saturday Night Live comedienne Leslie Jones left a somber caption on one of her Instagram photos.

She has been putting in work in the gym to drop pounds and get in shape, but she thinks all of her hard work might not be worth it. The caption reads:

“Ok back to cardio. But confession I feel like I’m doing it for nothing. I know it not I’m healthy and look good but I really feel like “what’s it all for” if the people you want to notice don’t. I just feel like I might die alone. Sorry that’s pretty heavy today!!”

leslie jones die alone


  1. She got plenty of money. I see chicks broke, fat 3x uglier and got men. I doubt she will die alone. If I had the money she had I’d look like a damn supermodel she trippin

  2. She’s a sellout who’s tap dancing for white people’s amusement. She knows there’s nothing wrong with her looks. She’s saying this for a check. She’s like Kevin Hart but worse. And she’s not even making much money.

    We need to get her off tv and out of entertainment because her tap dancing is toxic to young BW. We have to cancel her.

  3. Leslie, if you reading this baby, holla at me. I will treat you like the Queen you are. Now watch how everybody gonna try and holla at her now.

    • She can choose from a wide selection of men from NY to Rio to Paris to Lagos to Honolulu.

      She’s probably with someone right now. Some big kuntree southern dude.

      Don’t believe her act. In fact, there’s probably more men in her DMs because of this act.

  4. she probably soon do plastic surgery so she’s putting this out first so that people will have empathy for her..

    • shes like that outside of her movie/tv roles. she is absolutely annoying to watch.

  5. She’s not even that bad looking tbh there are worst looking celebrities like flavor flab for example. Leslie could make herself up to look better. Her hair looks bad most of the time and her makeup looks terrible. It’s like she makes herself look ugly on purpose and like some of the people above said she’s selling herself out.

    • You seen.deelishis since she had a nose job she going for the Michael Jackson tranny albino look

  6. Even the ugliest fat white lesbian can get dick

    If whopi Goldberg and Roseanne fat ass can sell pussy back in the day then Leslie can get sone dick

    Do she even like men

  7. Hope she finds happiness, can’t imagine she doesn’t have multiple suitors. It’s funny, she’s probably playin’ the guy all in her face for the dude who don’t want her at all…with all that being said, I ain’t gonna be rushing to try n knock that down ? fuk that.

  8. Oh… didn’t get the memo, let me fill you in….There is a difference between being seen and being notice. People who notice you can notice you for all the wrong reason. She sucessful, she’s cute, she has a nice shape, she has money or she is well connected what can I use her for , there are people who are married to people who notice them who never seen them for real. Seeing somebody truthfully is seeing them spiritually, seeing a beauty that goes beyond what the eye can see. I would rather be seen by one person the right person than simply notice by a million.

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