Peter Gunz Caught Cheating on Tara & Amina!

peter gunz cheating amina tara

Peter Gunz is a ho, so it’s no surprise the member of the Creep Squad was caught creeping on his women, Tara and Amina, while out in Miami.

Video has surfaced of Peter taking a stroll with his new lady friend down Ocean Drive. When he’s approached by Instagram comedian, LaLa Sizahands, he immediately drops his girlfriend’s hand and tries to curve her!

Peep the video to see Peter caught in the act.

Meanwhile, Tara just gave birth to Peter’s 9th child, and Tara is currently pregnant with his 10th baby. This new woman has to be a damn dummy. Anyone who knows his history wouldn’t give him the time of day!


  1. Peter is a free man and can do whatever he likes. Where's the news here. You're slipping Jacky.

  2. "Meanwhile, Tara just gave birth to Peter’s 9th child, and Tara is currently pregnant with his 10th baby." You mean AMINA is currently pregnant with his 10th baby? I had to double check which site I was on. With an error like that, I thought I was on MTO, and I don't even watch L&HH!

  3. He is not cheating on Amina. He was down in Miami prior for a judging contest. He said he wasn't taking pics because folks would have gotten the wrong thing. He already posted the pic on Instagram before this stupid rumor hit.

  4. This guy has 10 children ? From many different women ???
    Is he a moron or just some ignorant dumb ?
    Such behavior is a disease for all mankind because when these children grow up most of them ignore that they are half brothers/sisters, and when these siblings "accidentally" make babies, these babies are infected with genetic diseases because their parents ignored they share an almost identical DNA…
    When I attended med school our biology professor dropped the following bomb : e-ve-ry genetic disease is the result of an inbreeding, that took place many centuries ago or just a generation ago… Inbreeding destroys the genetic diversity which is vital to maintain a sustainable gene pool…
    These guys should be castrated and these women knowing that they have babies with such guys should be sterilized because they destroy lives of innocent babies who didn't ask for anything…

    • The CDC knows the Black community is a genetic timebomb waiting to go off, but it is too sensitive a subject to talk about. The same is happening in Jamaica. This is why black women as a whole are nowhere near as attractive as they were as recently as the 80s.

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