Teen in Katt Williams Fight Video Speaks Out

teen katt williams fight video

It seems like the teen in the Katt Williams fight video is a bigger man than the comedian himself.

The Daily Mail caught up with the kid, 17-year-old Luke Wash, in Gainesville, Florida. The teen said Katt was just riding around the hood when he stepped to play soccer with him and a group of friends.

Luke says Katt lead him off to a “secluded area,” and began taunting him. When Luke turned his head, Katt threw a sucker punch.

The teen, who is a former wrestler, took Katt to the ground using some of his grappling moves. And that’s when Katt tapped out!

‘We were playing a game of soccer and I just thought it was a soccer game, but stuff happens in sports. He took me over to a secluded area and asked me to hit him and I was like, “I’m not just going to hit you. You want to square up? And then he sucker-punched me so I did what I did. I tried to shake his hand and he was like, ‘back off me little boy’. I don’t know if he was sour, but it is what it is,’”~ Luke Wash

Luke says he has no hard feelings against Katt.

Peep the video:



  1. Bull shit, he should have gotten out of katt's face like everyone told him to. Katt shouldn't have hit him but he should have left him alone. Katt wasn't high either I think hes being gang stalked.

    • Right. As an adult Katt should not have hit him, but his Ashy azz wouldn't leave him alone. That bad azz mf was asking for it.

  2. kids a liar. refuse to watch the video but based off what jacky wrote he fabricated a story and now he's getting some attention.

  3. This Lil shit was following & harassing Katt. Now that we know he's a grown f*ckin kid, a serious beat down would do him good. But anyway, he'll probably join a gang like all dumbasses do

  4. Whether he's lying or not, an 40 year old adult does not punch a kid under 18. And a known celebrity with money shouldn't ever punch anyone. Everyone with a brain knows that people egg celebs on in order to get them to come at them. Then they sue, and it doesn't matter whether the adult was egged on or not, the celeb will always lose in court.

    Two things that BM need to learn: Nver hit a woman regardless of how much she's "asking for it."
    Never hit a child when you are a full grown man.

    Anger is real. It happens to everyone. Learn to walk away from the situation.

    • Celebrity or not, people are people & if you saw the video, you'd see how f*ckin annoying that kid is. I was ridiculing Katt before I watched the full clip, but after I did, I was like ' I'd have done worse if that kid came at me like that '. He did walk away & the kid followed him, he was walking away and the kid was in his face too! There's only so much anyone can take really

    • If a kid wants to play tough guy well imho only a good beating will teach him a lesson…
      Happened to me once in public transports, I told this kid that if he wanna play the grown man I will treat him like one, I think he hasn't forgotten his first wanna be grown up lesson…

  5. Katt is an easy target. Sadly, he may need to avoid dealing with the public. Someone is always looking for a payday.

  6. This dusty rug rat, needs to be locked up. I wanna thank Katt, for showing us you can't pay it forward. This dusty lil punk ruin it for everyone, he need to figure out how to pass to the 8th grade.

  7. I don’t know what to believe anymore, did this happen in Gainesville Florida or Georgia? Was it preplanned for publicity or a spur of the moment thing? If the latter is true, we are really suppose to believe that Katt was just driving around in the hood with a police escort (police were on the scene) to play soccer in the hood with no body guards wearing expensive jewelry?

    There is the even longer video on the KollegeKidd dot com link that shows this, watch it and you be the judge.

  8. Oh My Gawsh!!!!….What a dirty little liar!!!!…..He has obviously done this before…and has tried to cover up his ills in the past!!! I Can imagine how many other little kids he has bullied in the past!!!…..and parent or parents have covered up for him!!!! Disgusting!!!

  9. THAT KID IS LYING. I watched that video multiple time. He STAYED all in Katt's face the entire time. In the vid, someone said that that kid "is always like that." Katt is an easy target. I think he should sit his ass down for awhile.

  10. What? Nobody is stating the obvious? SET UP! Katt disses bitch made Kevin Hart and days later the hounds of hell are unleashed upon his ass!!!

      • When you're Katt Williams and life is getting stranger and stranger, you can (set up). It leads to a level of paranoia. Things ARE prob happening around Katt, but his paranoia prob makes him see ish that is just life moving.

        Bless you Katt. I love you babes. Hold your head. Accept life for what it is and don't let it beat you until YOU'RE ready to give up the fight.

        I see you.

        Worse when you know others KNOW, huh? Point it to be ok ANYWAY. You're letting them win. Someone needed you down, in more ways than one, no?

        Get your money, feel blessed to be able to do so, and find you a calm place in the world with your back to the wall so that you can pay attn and live your life regardless.

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