Beyonce & Jay Z Marriage Still on the Rocks

beyonce jay z divorce

Tension between Beyonce and Jay Z continues to grow according to reports. And the couple is finding it harder and harder to keep their problems hidden from their friends and business associates.

At a recent dinner party, the couple barely even spoke to each other! Beyonce was also overheard taking shots at the Jay’s food choice. The rapper was apparently so fed up, he left the party early!

“They had a private dinner on Saturday for about ten people consisting of their inner circle, family and business partners. They could hardly have been more detached! Beyonce and Jay Z barely spoke two words to each other the entire evening. She complained about the food that he had catered, and said that it was not her people that had made the meal. But Jay Z was very dismissive to Beyonce all night long and had disappeared before all of the guests had left. Beyonce was left to wrap up the soiree on her own.”



  2. These pal always want to be in the spotlight. What the heck is Beyonce going to do when fans/ppl start losing interest in her.


    ANYBODY REMEMBER THAt pic of jay walking side by side while beyonce was behind them not a good look for a married woman.

    and then when jay and bey was mad at the awards years ago he left with Rihanna yeah we knew then jay was dogging her out.

    lets not forget jay used to f*ck kim kardashian years ago which is why bey hates kim.

    and we know jay f*cked Ciara which is why bey emulated her styles over the years.

    • I agree on the Rihanna thing. Kim? Doubtful. Cici? Maybe. Shes still f*cking Future so shes a sneaky one. Kim was sending Jay nudes when her iCloud got hacked. This divorce crap is all to drum up sales for Beyonces tour. She pulls this same stunt every single time she has one. The Black Panther thing was meant to have blacks backing her because her album is r&b/trapish.

      • Preach…that's why she went on tour so soon, knowing that trashy crap wasn't going to sell. Folks still go to see her grinding. Knowing damn well she isn't down with the struggle.

  4. Don't believe a word of this. She might as well start a 'go fund me' account intended for black folks who always buy this divorce crap. Oooohhhh it's serious this time, better buy her concert before they split up. Dumbest people on earth.

  5. Everyone knows Jay Z and Beyawnce sleep in seperate beds. This marriage was a business deal. Nobody is interested in neither of them because Kimye has the throne.

    • Always funny when people who never been to their house still thinks they know what's going on in their bedroom.

  6. Beyonce and her mother are voodoo priestess. Have you seen the bish is eyes. Possessed and demonic. A blood sacrifice is due.

  7. Blacks stay woke. She's already pretending to care about police brutality just to get out money. She probably planted this story to hype up her tour.

  8. She must have a album coming out since her and nigga are having problems then another tour

  9. Yall won't be missing the water till the well runs dry, fake, biz deal or not theirs is one of show business FEW black on black marriages. But yall are children of Kanye and Kobe and marriage is for white folks or elder black people, right? you don't give a shit for black love and in a few years most black celebs will be swirl married. Spike Lee, Denzel, Sam Jackson, to name a FEW showbiz majors who married black are the dying breed. Diss them all you want as you hammer the nail on the coffin of black on black love including the OBAMAS you may hate them, they represent you.

      • Makes no difference what she has done cosmetically SHE IS BLACK, J IS BLACK.

        And to your argument, the majority of black women are running around here with who knows WHOSE HAIR and buying into European standards of beauty…it doesn't make 'em any less black.

        • I live in an African country so I don't see this everyday. And yes her cosmetic procedures do matter. If they didn't matter, she wouldn't have done them

          • You must live under a rock in Africa because a lot of women there are wearing weaves and SKIN BLEACHING! Does that mean they aren't African?

            • This isnt happening in every African country. Africa is not one big country. Don't be one of those ignorant Americans. I can live in Senegal and not know a thing that's happening in Botswana. Get it?

            • And those who do bleach are not proud Africans so while they are still African, they do not embody "African love" as bey and jay do not embody "black love"

              • Child, go take your meds.

                You don't have the intellectual capacity or the emotional stamina to keep up with me.

                Your definition of "black love" is ignorant at best and laughable at least.

                But let’s go with your fallacy that "cosmetic procedures" can somehow expunge your race.

                PLEASE NAME O-N-E COSMETIC PROCEDURE THAT anyone can undergo that will alter or obliterate a person’s race.

                Will false eyelashes do it? Brazilian butt lift? Nose job? Braids? Colored contact lenses? Skin bleaching? Tummy tuck?

                Just say you don't like J and B, which is your right, and let it go at that. I’m not losing any sleep over your assessment of their love as I’m sure they aren’t.

                And as someone that has worked in the entertainment industry for DECADES, I've been to more countries throughout the continent of Africa than you can count — so you can miss me with that pseudo African history lesson.

              • Ok Mama. You've visited Africa and I was born and still live here. You're American so you must know more about it than I do. If only black americans realized how they are the same as their ignorant white counterparts lol.

  10. Most you dummies never been married, so for you dummies that don't know, married people argue and go through things. It's not always roses you dummies

  11. Blessings to Beyoncé and Jay. Miserable and bitter people want you two to be unhappy. I CLAIM prosperity for your marriage. If ONLY so that we have a few examples of how to #dothis, son.

    Bullshat how folks get off on wanting someone else to be hurt.

    If ish IS going on, imma need yall to calm tf down and pay attn.

    WHO are you transitioning to after Beyoncé, Jay?

    And WHO are you transitioning to after Jay, Beyonce?

    And WHO tf wants to start all the way over w/folk you don't know well enough to trust?

    Better MAKE that ish work. Some of the industry oldheads who are divorced or removed from their longterm significant others will NEVER tell you how difficult and LONELY it is to not KNOW the new chick or guy…

    SO… get it together. WHERE are yall going, if not with each other?

    I mean… #unless it's with me, now… #ijs. I'mma GOOD chick. ^_^

    Hugs to Jay, but hey… hugs to #BEY too, lol. *clucks*

    #Bey good folks. (0:

    • Thank you, Niknue

      I have never seen so many bitter, low expectation having ass crabs in my life!

      What is this girls crime? Why is she so damn hated? SOME people hate this girl for no other reason than she is BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, and WEALTHY.

      She WORKED to get what she has.

      Maybe if some of yall OPERATED IN the GIFT the Lord gave you, you would be just as BLESSED.

      We complain everyday about not seeing enough black on black love and when we see it WE STILL BITCHIN!

      I love them together, and I applaud the fact that MET, COURTED, MARRIED, THEN HAD A BABY.

      Everyday isn't a day at the beach when you're married.

      Those of you that don't know that have been reading too many Hollywood novels and watching too many happily ever after movies.

      Hell, maybe he pissed her off or vice versa. Shit happens!



      • Who bitches about the Obama's or LeBron and Savannah? No one. The problem isn't black love its these two specifically. You can not force us to like them.

        • Not trying to force you to like anyone. Don't give a damn if you do or you don't. Just be clear what YOU'RE really mad about. #jealousyisabitchain'tit

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