Paris Jackson Gets Racist Boyfriend’s Name Tattooed!

paris jackson michael snoddy boyfriend tattoo

Paris Jackson doesn’t care that her boyfriend is an alleged racist, and she showed her love for him by getting his last name tattooed on her ankle!

Paris and her man, Michael Snoddy, hit up Disneyland over the weekend, and she was spotted showing off her brand new ink.

According Radar Online, the 18-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson is ready to marry Snoddy even though her family is completely against it.

Paris allegedly told Katherine and Joe that she is going to get engaged to Michael – a 26-year-old man she met at an alcoholics anonymous meeting.

The two have been dating for less than six months, and they recently moved in together.

Members of the Jackson family are skeptical of Snoddy who is an aspiring musician. They think he is the main person who is influencing Paris to cover her body in tattoos.

The family had high hopes for Paris after MJ’s death, and they thought she was going to be “the next prodigy” until Snoddy came along.

“They kind of feel like her chances to be a huge star on camera are now ruined and it is all his fault!”


    • cirmoney hell yea f*ck her white azz don't nobody give f*ck abt this white slut trash with $

      • you see where the black entertainer money going…right back to whitey. i'm disgusted.

        • Exactly, & for the record, I can't stand this little white bitch & I really don't care for her “All lives matter” & “King's son” brother either. ?

        • Are you mad at MJ or her? He the one who wanted white kids. It's not their fault.

          • really, she was raised by a black man and she didn't even considered dating a black man? paris choose that scuzzy mongrel? Every white chick in LA LOVES black men. i see where this is going… and like I said, I'm disgusted. that family finally got the white children that they have been trying to breed for years.

          • I'm actually mad at both. Growing up within a black family, you'd think these kids would identify culturally more w/blacks & ppl of color. You'd think they'd be wiggers at best. But this is the lil heffa who a few years ago, told this black ass family to GTFO of their (MJ's kids) house. She also DEMANDED to see her grandmother. The family, not just her “dad”, helped to build the wealth, yet she felt that SHE ran things. Bitch please. And her “ all lives matter” brother, said their dad had warned them about the other family member's “ways”. Well Prince, I hope your” father” told you about his “ways” as well. Contrary to popular belief, MJ was not a saint.

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  4. Mj was a fool…nobody's blamed him yet for adopting those things .atleast ahoulda adopted ethnic looking kids

    • @uncle truth! Facts! Michael was their saviour, once he died, they were pretty much finished!…He kept those children safe, he loved them, and truly wanted what was best for them!…I think Blanket, is his natural child though! Look at his big ole eyes, now he's definitely related to the Jackson's, unfortunately! ?????

      • Lol I doubt micheal loved his blkness well enough to have his own blood kid.blanket was not his I doubt.micheal /lionel richie etc. Something bout blk artists from that era cooned hard…I still dont know if lionell Richie black…none of his daughters dates blk.

        • @Uncle Truth, but his big beautiful eyes, are exactly like Michael's, when he was a kid!….C'mon UNCLE, Blanket is biracial!,,, Michael hated his Blackness, because he was brainwashed by his self hating, green eyed, sick ass father!….In Michael's wounded mind, being Black was associated with his pain, it was why he was called ugly, it was why he was discriminated against, and over looked, and it was why his father hated him! Michael hated his "Blackness", but loved Black people!..He wasn't all bad, he hurt himself more than anyone!…Michael's father sold him to the industry pederasts as a child, and he physicality, and mentally abused him, while his mama allowed it, just like the Debarge family!…

          • You're right about Joe Jackson..dude ruined micheal. Now thinking back..Joe did call him ugly (I think)

            I noticed if you can't get your self esteem from ur own Family..society will sniff ur insecurities and eat you up.same thing azalea banks said her mom called her blk and ugly.

            • @UncleTruth! He did call him ugly, and made fun of the very nose that he gave him!…Now I'm no modeling agent, but Where is Joe Jackson's fineness?…Cause I don't see it!…He thought because of his green eyes, he was the shit I'd gather!..?????????

  5. Black male hates self.
    Black male adopts /purchases 100% white kids.
    Black male reps 100% white kids as his own blood which they obviously aren't.
    Black male gives 100% white kids his name a.
    Black male dies.
    100% white kids inherited his legacy aka money.

    Rinse, lather repeat for black males who hate self. Kanye will be surrounded by white grandkids IF he makes it that long.

  6. blabket is not biracial and he looks indian, or arab, sorry mike had no biological kids, mike hated himself and refused to date black women ok he admired Diana ross he wanted to be her and sing like her of all the male singers in Motown mike could have emulated like marvin, stevie, smokey, he wanted to be like Diana the most but as he got older and didn't wanna be black anymore he wanted to be like liz taylor whicxh was why he called her mom drag queens call they elder gay and lesbian peers mom or grandma.

    mike was a trans in denial and we all know it except his sick obsessed fans.

    • The people who believe that Blanket is his blood son are hilarious. MJ drew out the crazies like no one else. And he did not like black people. He liked his fans, but he did not ever want to be around black folks in his personal life.

    • @Anon22:36!..You all might be right about Blanket, but those big, beautiful eyes, tell me something different!…As far as Michael not liking Black people, uuuugh yeah, certain kinds of Black people are mean sometimes, (Niggas), So can you blame him! Trust me they mostly wanted to rob his ass, at least Caucasians have the gumption, to pretend to be civilized, and then they rob you blind, whole Nations gone, and then renamed something else!??????And for the record, Michael was friends with a whole host of Black folks, from Wesley Snipes, Chris Tucker, Eddie Griffin, Eddie Murphy, the list goes on and on!..And they love him to this day, so f*ck what you heard! He didn't hang out with broke niggas, and that just makes him smart, okay!…✌✌✌✌ # Blanket is a Jackson!?????

      • I believe Blanket is a Jackson. Even Joe said Blanket got that "star" blood in him, lol

        • @Darla!…Oh shit, that ninja would say some ole slick bull like that!…I can't stand that evil, old ass man!???????

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