Mariah Carey’s HIV-Positive Sister Arrested for Prostitution

mariah carey's sister arrested prostitution

Wasn’t Mariah Carey’s sister Alison just on her deathbed asking the pop star for money for her HIV medication? Well, it looks like Alison has recovered enough to hit the streets…because she was just arrested for prostitution on Friday.

Alison, who is Mariah’s older sister, was arrested by Saugerties, NY police following an undercover sting at a hotel. She was arrested after soliciting money in exchange for sexual favors from an undercover officer.

When arrested, Alison identified herself as “Mariah Carey’s sister” LOL.

Alison was described by the police as a homeless woman who was advertising her sexual services on the Internet. And she had been working out of the hotel for the past week.

Her ad allegedly stated:

“Im a pretty lady looking for guys who are looking to have some fun and get into a world of pleasure that other woman just cant provide to you, woman with the ability to make the earth move for you and to get you to see stars, oh yea with me its,”ITS SUCH A SWEET,SWEET FANTASY BABY, WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES I COME AND TAKE YOU ON AND ON.”

Wait….did she really use Mariah’s lyrics in her sex ad???!! SMH

Police have urged those who had sexual encounters with Alison to get tested immediately due to her HIV-positive status.

Alison is currently locked up on $1,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on August 30.


    • I agree Scotch!…This is too much to tackle on a blog!….Let's just leave this to a higher power!✌✌

      • 57% hiv positive in ATL… People in ATL treat hiv like the mom on cold. Gay men , bisexual men and the fine black women in ATL are running rampant with HIV. REAL TRUTH….and why? Because orgies and threesomes are so common the shit is on groupon.

        • Yeah, that's f*cked up, but the choices that they made, led them there!…The illustrious E-40 told us about "Choices" recently, so there ain't no excuse!…Are you H I V positive?… no no no, but do you stay getting money, yeah yeah yeah!…Are you f*cking everybody raw?…no no no, but do you stay getting p*ssy?…yeah yeah yeah!?????? No seriously though, if you aren't with someone that respects life, and takes stats like this seriously, then you're better off being alone, because monogamous relationships are sometimes one sided, if your partner is f*cking around on you!….It's real out this bitch, you must stay in line, we don't have anymore room for f*ck ups, really!✌✌✌✌✌

      • Your mama is a dimwit Bitch, you Crazy hoe!…Did you just drink pis, Bitch??…First of all, Shit for brains, I never said that she shouldn't be exposed, I said that this story is too much to tackle on a blog!…If a grown man or woman has sex with a stranger, that's prostituting themselves, and as an adult you're not aware of the dangers, that's involved with that, then you get what you get!…If you don't care about yourself, why should anyone else!…Now take you disease ridden, HIV positive, Zika virus carrying ass on, here!…Before I drag your ass!??????

    • Hahahahaha You're kidding right?

      Who in the world would pay for someone who looks like that? Isn't it a serios crime to hook when you know that you are poz? Maybe she will get some needed help now.

      • I think any "clients" she infected have every right to sue her now. But they probably have wives and don't want the embarrassment. I'm also wondering who would be desperate enough to sleep with someone who looks like that.

        • Oh now Sarah come on now, really?…..Now prostitution is illegal in most states, so her "clients" are grown ass men, that are breaking the law, contributing to her deviance, and engaging in unsafe behaviors!… Now as a person with sense, I'm going to assume that all genitals are dirty, and diseased, until I see a medical report or two, okay!…This is a problem, only for people that don't take accountability for themselves! When you're not responsible, you pay a high price!✌✌✌

          • Oh and P to the S, Sarah, sue her for what?…She doesn't have shit, that's why she selling her puss!????????

    • Hey Sarah!…Mama, they give that shit away, especially if your indigent, or low income!….

      • thank you. I was asking because it wouldn't make sense to not at least give them to poor people who cant afford them. Not being on the meds can kill you in months and apparently HIV+ people are less infectious when they're on the meds. And why was she asking Mimi for money for meds then? Sounds like a scammer.

        • They absolutely are not free yo the indigent or anyone else Sarah.
          And the HIV anti-virals are very expensive.

          • I'm surprised cause they're free this side. The government subsidizes them & the pharmaceuticals are getting billions out of this in South Africa. Breaks my heart.

    • No there not. Think there's programs for people that HIV can get a discount or free meds.

  1. It's always amazing to me that these stars can claim to have multi-millions and billions and wont even help their own family members with basic needs.

    • Frannie, anyone involved with drug rehabilitation will tell family members that the last thing you ever do is to give money to a person with a drug habit. They will spend every last cent on a fix.

      Now, Mariah could give her the meds, but there is always a chance that she would sell them for dope money. She has helped her sister many times, but a heroin addict has to genuinely want to quit or it never ever works.

  2. I wonder why Mimi doesn't help her – she can more than afford it. I know they had a falling out quite some time ago but still.

    • Nah Scorpiess, the shit between them is deep, and they both were prostituting themselves at one time, Mimi just came up after a while! Mariah's big sis exposed her secrets,fans almost destroyed her career! Mariah took her children in, put her in rehab, gave her money, and set her up! Mariah gave thjisis bitch millions, and put money aside for her children, and she still wanted more, because in her mind Mariah owed her because, she f*cked a few industry Niggas so that she could cfome up, and they chose to go with Mariah!…This is from her sisters own mouth, she went public with this information! That's why I said that this is to deep for a blog, because it's a loooooong back story, filled with sex, drugs, mental illness, and scandal!

      • @Scorpiess! Excuse my typos, I'm beat, and I don't really care today, hopefully you get the gist boo!???????

        • I got it all @Brooklyn Queen and I am ? ???? Really? Damn. Really? For real though? Damn Mimi. Oh well. In that industry who ISN'T slanging ??????????? ?

        • @Frannie! This creep even tried to deplete the Trust fund that was put aside for her own children!…Now come on now, Mariah is a petty bitch, but not in this instance!…Their mom is still alive, and she's not gonna budge for this bitch either, and that's her child!….Mom has more leverage than a sister, you'd think!

  3. Mariah Carey is a petty Bitch, she won't back down either! Once she cuts you off, she's done with you forever((Cardi B) voice!?????She tried to help her sister, but she hurt her deeply by exposing her past!…Her sister doesn't want help, she wants money to get high, and she has no problem embarrassing Mariah as a means of trying to shake her down for money!…Remember their mother is still alive, why doesn't mom help her daughter?..Mom hasn't intervened either, because they're done with her!…Shes a mess, and its sickening, she hurt her children too, but ain't nobody talking about that, everybody is just focusing on Mariah's money, some of which, she gave the bitch already!…Do you know how mean and petty it is, to introduce yourself as Mariah's sister, when you get arrested??…Do you know how mean, and petty it is to promote your p*ssy on online ads, by using your baby sisters song titles??…Think about it, that hoe is mean and crazy, she's feral, she been out in these streets too long!… Flat line! Code blue, bitch! Okay! Think about it!??????

    • i agree. that bish can rot n hell. Mariah needs 2 protect herself and her children.

    • Yep if her own mother isn't stepping up to help her then she must have burnt her bridges. Maybe prison would be the best place for her for the time being.

      • @Scopiess! She been getting high since the late 80's!…Now come on now!…She has burned all the bridges in town, and now that she's dying, she wants to play on your sympathy, but she just wants to get high baby!…Drug addiction rips families into shreds!…Mariah can't lock her sdis in a room, and make her do right!…✌✌

    • The mother probly has tried to intervene many times, but to no avail. You can only try to help a person so much, but if that person doesn't want to help themselves, what more can you do? Ive seen and have experienced similar situations. It hurts, but you've got to know when to pull back. Can't be an enabler.

  4. I don't give drug addicts I got a sister who smokes meth and that's her problem whatever she goes through is on her.

    you wanna tweek out and see demons and talk to people who only exist in the make believe spirit world be my guess.

  5. Damn. That really sucks and is actually really sad… So sad how money can tear a family apart. Sad how, how she has to resort to prostitution and trying to extort her sister. She kinda looks like Mariah too. This is actually quite common amongst celeb families. Fuck Mariah too though…

    • ??????@Truman!… Yeah Mariah ain't shit!…She's just correct, concerning this particular incident!…You cold as f*ck, and I love it!?????

      • LOL sadly sometimes in these situations, you've got to be the one to take a firm stance and perhaps administer that really tough love. Though If someone I know who's strung out, or comes see the reality of a situation and finally comes to their senses, Im always down to help them then if they reach out and ask for it.

  6. Sorry about your sister crazychris, that drug trip is sumthin' else. I just shake my head at the parents of these white kids on dope who cannot come to terms with their kids being junkies. They still see them as sweet little innocent kids, but these kids are junkies and they will stab you in your face for money and still all your shit for drugs.

    Mariah's sister is a skank drugged out ho bitch! She need to be locked down for a couple of years. She'll get her HIV meds in the joint

    • @Anonymouse! Some Caucasian folks even give their kids money for the drugs, in the hopes that they won't commit violent crimes, or sell their ass in these streets, but they eventually do these things anyway, because they can never satisfy that demon…Some Caucasian parents even empty out their bank accounts!…Caucasian children are dying in scores daily, from drug overdoses, believe that shit! ✌✌✌✌

      • Why do you call white people Caucasian? It doesn't seem like you have a very literal vocabulary otherwise. What do you describe yourself as? African?

        • It seems very reasonable to me. In white frequented sites they refer to us black ppl as 'nigglets' –

        • @UmTF!….They're not white stupid!…If you knew anything about Nationality, or Naturalization, and\or the true meaning of white, you wouldn't have to ask, you smug bitch!…Now about my literacy, or lack there of is irrelevant, because you don't pay my bills, nor are you my elected, judge and jury!…If you late dumb enough to judge someone on their usage of urban slang, or salty herbage, then Fuck you!….I can call anyone, anything that I want Hoe, especially stinking ass Caucasians!…I know their origin, and that's what the f*ck they are!…Instead of trying to check me to get attention, or comment approvals, why don't you puck up a book, and read one, since your the literacy police, and you know so much, you smug, retarded, little piece of shit!….How I describe myself is my f*cking business, and for me to worry about, stay out mines, and worry about yours bitch!….I always get trolled by jealous, ignorant people, that are not only afraid of the facts that's stated in my commentary, but their intimidated, and hurt by them, why?…Because instead for focusing in not being the scum that you are, and rectifying that, you wanna come for the Queen, but the Queen ain't having it, and I will drag your punk ass!…Don't take this penny ante blog so seriously! Read the posts, leave your little stoopid f*cking comments, and keep it pushing little Bitch, because the troll alation just proves how petty, immature , and miserable you are!…..Now ✌✌ You piece of ?????

          • Disclaimer: to al! Of the English professors on this blog: I Brooklyn Queen will not, and does not, proof read all of her comments, because I don't give a f*ck, and it's not that serious…This is a gossip site, not my job! So with that being said, don't check me on any misspellings, profane language, racial slurs and any ethnic labeling that I may point out, and use!…If you feel compelled to do the aforementioned things, that I just told your ass not to do, on my personal posts, please feel free to kill yourself, because I know that despite the typographical errors, you get the gist of what I'm saying Bitches, so don't come for me, UMkay!✌

  7. This is for all the men that say, p*ssy has no face. And neither does HIV so keep it up, menzz. You will be crying to mama about shit you can't get rid of. Foul creatures they are.

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