Iggy Azalea Moves on to French Montana

iggy azalea french montana

Now that Iggy Azalea is completely done with her cheating ex-fiancé Nick Young, she has moved on to French Montana.

French, who has recently dated rapper Trina and Khloe Kardashian, scooped up Iggy just months after her engagement ended. The two have been spotted in a club together, and French just whisked the Aussie “rapper” away on a private jet to Mexico.

They’re currently sailing in Cabo, and it looks like things are heating up. Iggy even let French rest his head on her big fake azz

Private jet fun with #iggy and #frenchmontana

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How long do you think this will last?


  1. The title should read: Irrelevant and smelly, disease infested homosexual, amalgamated moor, moves on to irrelevant, Herpes infested, equally untalented inbred whore!…They both should be deported!…Disgusted!?

    • BQ,

      You went further than me. All I had to say about this motley pair is…
      SO…who gives a rat's ass about either of them but your comment was way more accurate!!!

  2. don't care wonder will puffy join in on French and iggys adventures puff a freak reminds me of that pic of puff in bed with kim porter, dame dash, aaliyah and another couple all smiling like they just had the best orgy ever.

  3. She moved on to a fruity and she went from the bottom and beyond. She is just another pathetic whore like the rest of the clown puppets out there.

  4. The other guy on these pics is the boyfriend of French…
    French is a gay moroccan paid to be the "boyfriend" of many female celebs…

  5. Lol wheres proof French is gay..some gay guy told me the thought of sleeping with women repulsive to him.. Last I heard French has a kid with some blk chick.

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