Man Murdered on Dance Floor at Party Hosted by Jeezy

man killed jeezy

A man was shot and killed early Saturday morning at a Virginia Beach nightclub during a “birthday bash” hosted by Young Jeezy.

The incident occurred at 1:35 a.m. at Club Embassy, and social media posts have identified the victim as a man named Demetrius Darnell “Yang” McCloud.

A video was posted online of the aftermath. A woman was captured on video performing chest compression on the man in the middle of the dance floor, while others filmed the moment and posted it on Snapchat SMH.

This is apparently the third shooting associated with this club in the past two years. In December 2015, two men were shooting guns into a vehicle outside the building, and two people were injured.

And in November 2014, officer say a patron began shooting after being kicked out of the club. No one was injured during that incident.

Signs posted outside the club prohibit guns and weapons, but clearly this establishment needs to step their security up.

The family of the recent victim has already setup a GoFundMe to pay for funeral costs.

In case you forgot, this recent shooting comes just three months after Troy Ave’s friend and bodyguard B$B Banga was shot and killed at a T.I. concert in New York.

R.I.P. to the victim.


  1. Tragic some more fools shooting at a club and someone loses their life. Some people never learn and when they do its too late.

  2. Blood on the dance floor, literally!…. These rappers attract that type of mentality, its a set up! Most people that cater to these types of events, are mostly uninformed losers!…Just mindless, and rank!

  3. Black folk wassup? I think there is some strong demonic hold on our folks.

    We droppin' blood like nobody's bizness.
    Proverbs 6:15-6:19
    These six things the Lord hates,
    Yes, seven are an abomination to Him:

    A proud look,
    A lying tongue,
    Hands that shed innocent blood,

    A heart that devises wicked plans,
    Feet that are swift in running to evil,

    A false witness who speaks lies,

    HANDS THAT SHEED INNOCENT BLOOD! Niggas be spillin' lots of innocent blood
    And one who sows discord among brethren.

    • Hey anonymouse!… Long time, no here from!….Facts all facts, but I'm tired of explaining these things to people, that want to remain blind to the facts!…These indisputable proofs, aren't for everybody, we all ain't chosen boo!..So I just sit back, and watch the throne, ya dig!…At the end of the day, most people suffer from "invincible ignorance", and that's an unbreakable curse!…Sometimes, it follows you to the next life!….As long as you know, and enlighten only those that respect you enough to listen! ✌✌✌✌

      • Sooo true BQ. Folks want to ignore the obvious. I don't know if it is fear or just plain ignorance. Both are strong contenders for the same prize FOR LOSIN'. We have the answers, we just won't accept them.

  4. Rap, especially of the current era promotes nothing but death and further degradation of blacks, and overall the community. Hell thats why like Tommy Sotomayor always says-"if there's more than 3, that ain't where I'll be. Niggas are destructive, and they bring nothing with them but trouble.

    • Hey Truman! Facts!….Quiet as it's kept, the Blacks that are in denial about what you just said, are the ones that's open to spiritual and psychic attacks!… There the ones being sacrificed, ritualistically abused, and tortured!…The force ain't with most niggas!..Notice that??????

      • YES, YES, YES. It is about psychic and spiritual attack. That is why we must guard our gates. Folks who are jealous, haters, envious: they are trying to open those gates for the spiritual and psychic attacks. Too many of hardworking parents let the TV be the babysitter, and here we are. A kid was killed in front of the engineering school at Cornell University — yep Ivy League school yesterday. Why the violence, and no place is no longer immune.

        • @Anonymouse! are an intelligent soul as well, and I enjoy your commentary!.. A lot of people refuse to study, the history of this government, and it's operations! It's beyond fear, ignorance, or stupidity!…we've been bred to self destruct baby! We have been taught "What to think", not " How to think"! We have also been bred to engage in tribal infighting, and to rely only on the government!.. We love our coffee, and donut shops, supermarkets, and malls..Why spend time homeschooling our children when I can send them to school?… why choose a proper mate that provides for the family, and protects them, when I can just f*ck the handsome nigga, with pretty hair??..Why choose a woman for her wisdom, temperance, virtue, and honesty, when I can choose the exotical bitch with the fake, fat ass??..We've lost focus, and our minds, but we've been bred that way, and sadly most of our parents bare the mark of the beast!?????

  5. Why are people still going to these clubs to support these sellout coons. Enough is enough. Is Jeezy going to pay for this man's funeral? No! Also what happened with the man who's murdered in Cali at a Jeezy concert over a year ago. Like somebody said blood sacrifices left and right.

  6. Black males bring death music rap is death music. Defend that or try to blame it on black women or non blacks go head stay stuck in denial. I laugh at fools who invite me to the club hell to the no I'd be safer, as a BW, in a white trash trailer park than a rap concert!!

    • at least when you go to a rock concert you might make it home without somebody shooting at you.

    • rappers was all about death since the 80's jerry heller convinced his rich friends that gangster rap would sell and since nwa made millions with the controversy of promoting, drugs, sex, cursing,. calling women bitches, gang violenmce heller know the rock and roll agenda and heller knows about satan since heller managed guns and roses and marvin gaye.

      nwa served the satanic agenda well youll see on the straight outta Compton album cover all 6 members in a circle forming a satanic image with eazy pointing a gun at somebody

      then on eazy's first album you'll see the sklull and bonmes symbol on top.

      • Agreed. I used to ride for rap but stepped off at the g's up (homo agenda) hoe's down era. Rap is the most dangerous musical genre. Death, anal sex, weed, gin and juice. No thanks.

  7. all these rappers whjo serve the satanic order most have been shot at, robbed , got into fights and been to jail.

    how many rappers been shot in the past 20 years, how many went to prison for just talking about a thug or gangster lifestyle.

    what was going through eazy's mind when he was told he had aids whether he contrractyed it or not.

    in that bed in vegas what was pac thinking just a few months earlier he was riding for deathrow and he made all these songs and disses and statements about who he hated and die biggie, die puffy, jay z, nas, f*ck you die slow, mob deep need to be killed.

    all those threats pac made who died first, who made millions after he died all his so called enemies like puff, ll, dre, wendy Williams, jayz, nas, done moved on and made millions and faith remarried while both him and big are in the ground.

    eazy dead while everything he worked for controlled by heller whos still rich and his wife.

    too many gangster rappers who willingly admitted they sold their souls like eazy, pac, big, scarface, ugk, 2 live crew, wu tang clan, dj quik, snoop dogg all had misfortune.

    snoop was in a homicide case
    dre was shot
    nate dogg because suge wasn't paying him robbed stores

    tupac curse pac dead, stretch killed, kadafe killed, suge kept going to jail, getting beat, shot, kills another man suge is a walking curse kat Williams is gay and hanging round suge made him worser

    all deathreow artists suffered left eye would have survived but her crazy bipolar ass wanted to go to deathrow and practice magic trying to hex suge and kurupt.

    puff is a curse too he was in the building whnen pac was shot he was behind biggie when he was killed.

    tip is another curse.

    Gucci mane and young jeezy cant stay out of jail.

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