NYPD Investigating 50 Cent Over ‘Get the Strap’ Catchphrase

50 cent nypd get the strap

50 Cent is under investigation by the NYPD for allegedly threatening Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez, according to Page Six.

The Power exec may be facing misdemeanor aggravated harassment after he wrote: “Get the strap” in a since-deleted Instagram post that reportedly targeted Gonzalez.

50 made light of the investigation in a series of Instagram posts.



Wait, didn’t he say he quit Instagram?


  1. Everybody kno u gotta pay the boys ‘tribute’, why is 50 acting brand new? He know the game. Fuck around u have them assasin cops come for u like they did biggie & 2pac

  2. Lol people are so sensitive it’s not even funny. What a freaking loser… can’t belive people this dumb patrol the neighborhoods. If you that sensitive you should not be a cop, this would explain why they keep accidentally killing people. They got queers patrolling the streets, lol I hop his wife takes his money and go find a real man.

  3. Dirty dumb uncle Tom’s in police work are more of a threat to blacks than the kkk. They will do anything that a racist tells them to do to keep their jobs. A fair white policeman always gives me justice.

  4. Ok I see but still non existent on the clap back when that tranny came at you a few weeks ago.

  5. Just let us know if/when he gets charged and for what. Tired of all these so-called news stories. Can we focus on the real problems at hand that are happening to the majority of black people! Not just one fifty cent piece but black people in general! Tired of all these showcased negroes getting the spotlight!

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