Kanye Spent $85K on Picture of Whitney Houston’s Drug-Filled Bathroom

kanye pusha t whitney houston

Pusha-T revealed in an interview with Angie Martinez that it was Kanye West who encouraged him to use a picture of Whitney Houston’s drug-filled bathroom for the cover of his album, Daytona. Kanye reportedly paid $85,000 to license the picture, and he reportedly told Pusha, “This is what people need to see to go along with this music.”

The picture, which dates back to 2006, shows the late singer’s bathroom is littered with drug paraphernalia, including a crack pipe and spoons covered in white powder.

Daytona will be released today.


  1. Who in their mind would spend $85k for that/those pic(s). Also, thought West was financially strapped.

  2. Damn, Black people love exploiting the sh*t out of their own kind. The lady struggled with addiction and those were her personal issues and Bobby’s sister was wrong as hell to have exploited that ish for a coin that she probably used on crack herself; now this is just as low. What the hell is artistic about this? Would he find it amusing of someone using a picture of his mamma’s autopsy as an art cover for new music?

    • As crazy as he is…if there were pictures of his mom he would prob use them for his own album esp since he wanted to use the mugshot of the doctor on it…smdh.

  3. He’s crazy and needs to be sued that’s so fucking disrespectful. I can’t stand this coon ass nigga anymore

  4. All that stuff was planted to make sheeple think that she died of a drug overdose, as opposed to the truth: Clive Davis killed her.

  5. Whitney was doing pills and her head fell.in the water and she thought she was a mermaid

    She was through anyway she kept talking about seeing Jesus in heavens choir she couldn’t sing she was phukking dudes for money to go pay ray j for her drugs

    Pissing brandy off cause she was Whitney’s baby girl lover when she.was a kid

  6. Sorry……but this is a tad to look much…….How is this any way near artistic? How about we get a picture from AR with her fingers…..well you know the rest. Since we’re humiliating black artists………

  7. Damn…….This Picture Is So Bedraggled That I Can’t Decipher “What Is What” In the Contents Of The Bathroom. It Seems That Everyone Else Can Identify Everything In The Picture:

    1) I See A Newport Cigarette Box
    2) A Coca-Cola Can
    3) A Plate
    4) A Spoon

    That’s About It For Me.

    #Feeling Slow AF Right Now…….Somebody Help Please!!!

  8. So unnecessary. Meanwhile the rapper gets publicity over a mediocre released album that only says the same ole BS with a few extra current events mentioned !

  9. He needs to go back to the psych ward give him a strait jacket but his psychotic ass in padded room an call it a day.

  10. He was unable to get a payout from Lloyds of London for his failed Pablo tour because of drug abuse. Claims to be broke yet spends his funds on this; while his ‘wife’ has been busy peddling his own kimoji drug paraphernalia onto school children.

    ‘The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite’ – Tennessee Williams.

  11. If WE are all WE have…then WE are in some serious trouble, people. No code, no respect, no honor, no unity, no love…no nothing!

  12. The child needs a blood test, to see what drugs are making him nuts. If he had more “in this world reality”, he could see the x-rated wife is likely wanting him to make as much cash as possible, then have him declared unfit to control business. His latest shenanigans are published for all to see. I wish someone cared enough to rescue him from K-Klan curse.

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