Harvey Weinstein Arrested on Rape Charges

harvey weinstein arrested rape

Disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein turned himself in to the NYPD on Friday morning after being charged with first- and third-degree rape in one case and a first-degree sex act in a second case.

He’s expected to post $1 million bail and Prosecutors will request he be fitted with an ankle monitor and surrender his passport. He is also under investigation for alleged sex crimes in LA and London.

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  1. Still think it’s all a smoke screen to take the attention away from the high level paedophiles.

    Either way, it took them a while to arrest him. In essence, if the allegations are true, he should get some serious jail time.

    Whose crime is worse, Weinstein or Cosby?

    • I think Cosby is worse because drugging a person could kill them or they could get pregnant and NOT know who the father is,or a man could hurt their sex organs. Cosby is way worse

      • The women took the drugs willingly. The disloyalty to Cosby is unreal. One thing none of you are talking about is the fact that Cosby made a deposition under the promise it could not be used against him later. But, for the FIRST TIME IN U.S. LEGAL HISTORY the deposition was opened and used against him. Why did they go to such lengths to bring him down? I think he knew what happened st the Playboy mansion regarding Blackmail.

        • Rapists don’t deserve loyalty…unless you plan on joining that Bitch in the fiery furnace, have fun with your homey!

  2. They’re only going after him since is international. Once London had questions about their women being assaulted, they told him to report in. Time to pay or play to act like you’re paying the Piper.

  3. Just report what the outcome is because I question if he will get prison time. The bigger question is will they send the Cos to prison !

  4. Fuck an arrest, the conviction and the sentencing is what counts! If Harvey Weinstein is convicted of rape and sent to prison (Which I doubt), then I will smile.

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