Nicki Minaj Says She’s Dating Eminem

nicki minaj dating eminem

After announcing she was pushing back her album and releasing it in August, Nicki Minaj confirmed she’s dating Eminem.

nicki minaj eminem

The two worked together in 2010 for her track “Roman’s Revenge,” but do you think this is another PR stunt like her relationship with Nas was?



    That wigger heaux Dolezal is goin to PRISON, yall!!! ?? ?? ??

    • So is it the MK Ultra Superdom, Super Bowl, Rose Bowl, including the Thunderdom as well? The Memorial Weekend spitfire MK Ultra Light dance dance to the music, pop pop pop music talk about it, pop music talk about it, yeeeeeeeeeees talk about it, green eggs and ham just talk about it.

    • Dre turned them all out for beats.. Musicians will do anything for the next hit song..
      They already sold their soul to the devil, so what’s new..

        • Cube didn’t fuck with dre…he was the brains/ writer of the majority of nwa’s songs when he was in the group…he didn’t need them as you can see.

              • Easy had the $$ and was the puppet of a fake joo…and Cube got the Fuck Out when he realized the joo was fucking them…that alone makes him smarter than the rest.

              • No there would be no NWA if Eazy didn’t front the money to start Ruthless Records. There would be no NWA if Eazy wasn’t the creator of NWA’s image. The only thing Cube did was write and came up with the NWA name. Other than that, all Cube did was bitch about not getting paid and Eazy getting more money than him (which he the one that funded Ruthless Records so of course he was gonna get paid more money)

            • You obviously can’t read, because I said all that.

              $$ does not make you the brains, so like I said w/o the writer there would be NO nwa…$$ alone does not a group make.

              Cube was the brains and would have made it regardless of easy…easy and the rest got punked like the Bitches they are.

              • Cube had sense enough to leave because he knew that fake joo was punking them…so like I said that alone made him smarter than the rest.

                Cube absolutely deserved to be paid for the rhymes HE created.

  2. and then you got Drako who doesn’t say when he’s about to drop a song or an album and it magically appears. No excuses – no teasers – just music. These artists are FOS!

  3. She is trying to use him like she did safari & prob nas, as a ghost writer…it does not matter her shit would still be wack AF…

  4. Remember hearing about how Em was at some Hellyweird party being reamed out by some gay porn star in front of a room full of ‘stars’. He loved every minute.

  5. So far we have:

    Gay Songz
    Gay Z
    Gayme Fox
    The Gayme
    Marvin Gaye
    Gay J

    Feel free to add your own ?

  6. She claims she was joking.

    I’m guessing she saw people’s response to her publicity stunt. The collective “uh uh. Nah. Wut? Stop playing. That’s nasty, man” made her rethink things.

    She needs to focus on the music. Maybe call Safaree and offer some Starburst color furs.

  7. This reminds me.

    Why do some of you do it? Why do you date racists? What’s hot about that? And frankly, I can understand if you randomly get with a chick that looks good or if you work in Montana and have few options; but you date the most random goldfish-looking white people.

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