NOT COOL: Steelers WR Antonio Brown Blast Mother of His Son as a ‘Hoe’…

NFL star receiver for the Steelers, Antonio Brown, may be a star in the NFL, but if you look a little deeper, specifically how he talks to his sons mother in recently leaked text messages, the NFL star ha a much darker side.

Antonio’s baby mother, Shameika Ford, sent bible scriptures to Antonio hoping it would help him have a better relationship with his son, but his response was not what one might expect.

The NFL star not only called his baby mother a “hoe” but also added, “That lil boy going to learn quick or he going to stay the fuck from around me.”

See below:


  1. If she knows he s not into being a father and talking reckless….WHY ARE YOU taking the kid to his house??? Take the child support and keep the kid home dumb dumb!!! These text and social media messages only serve to keep people in your business and to tell that evidently you as a mother ain’t got much common sense!!! It’s not helping the boy to hear this man talk reckless. Continuing to send him to his fathers home is only adding fuel to an already lit fire. Keep that kid home and be a mom. Not a media whore!!!

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