Zonnique Calls Out Married Celeb for Slidin’ In Her DMs

zonnique celeb dm

In an interview, Zonnique (TI and Tiny’s daughter) talked about all the weird messages she has to curve in her DMs.

The singer said she gets some bold messages and nude pictures from her fans, but a DM from a MAJOR celeb caught her off guard.

She said she couldn’t even reply to the DM because she knew the celeb had a woman in his life.

Peep the interview starting at the 1:55 mark:

Who do you think it was? Kevin Hart? LOL


  1. Zonnique, thank you for being a TRUE WOMAN and not accepting the bait from the married man. If more women raise their level of expectation and DON’T SETTLE, men wouldn’t expect to have their cake and eat it too.

  2. On the show she always seemed stuck up and standoffish.

    Maybe she’s a wise introvert.

    Anyway do ya thang youngin and stay away from the creeps and the lesbians. That stuff is sooooo normal down there in sodom and Gomorrah(atlanta).

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