Nipsey Hussle Disrespects Lauren London on the Gram

nispey hussle lauren london pull out

Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London just announced their breakup a few weeks ago, and Nispey is already disrespecting her in an Instagram post.

Peep the caption:

You know the answer is “naw” because Lauren loves having babies by hood dudes!


  1. But she didn’t look hood sitting courtside in that one picture with her feet bent over like a school girl.

  2. He’s childish af. Lauren is so pretty it’s sad the type of dudes she settles for.

  3. Settles for? What does Lauren do for a living? This not 2006 anymore she’s not as attractive. She’s clearly insecure

    • You must be blind then Lauren is still attractive and she ain’t 105 damn years old! She looks way better than a majority of He-mans that are on tv. People can change and she can meet a good man that will love her and respect her.

      • I agree, she’s a beautiful woman with piss poor taste in men. She could’ve had an A top NBA, NFL, A List rapper, top executive, politician etc…..but unfortunately she likes THUGS. Hopefully she’ll land on her feet career wise.

  4. What’s he gonna do pull it out her Lauren’s behind,this dude Lauren is a man word is….

  5. He is not disrespecting her, he is just playing around and being a jerk. I think theyre back together.

    He posted that break up message to piss her off, now they back together.

  6. Hey yall need a LA contact because, everybody in LA know these two are back together since that fake break up that had us all fooled. They have been all over LA since then so they either a couple or really great best friends.

    The fact that y’all don’t know this makes me second guess your quality of gossip?

    Lauryn London is a sweet heart. I low key was done with Nipsey music for dogging her but I guess he was being immature trying to make her mad.

  7. Lauren London’s a hoe. Plain and simple. Women, and the women like her wonder why dudes dog them out, and why their single mothers with baby daddies; with abortions and STD’s galore.

  8. I don’t think she’s a hoe. It just appears that way because of the 2 type of men that you’ve seen her with.

    I’ve met her before and she is a super sweet and humble person. I think he will marry her. I thought he dogged her too but I think he was just trying to get under her skin.

      • Please remember that she is from Crenshaw, so she’s going to date hoodstars. Nipsey is not just a rapper, he’s a rapper that owns several successful business, one of that being a Fat Burger, which is a large enough company to take care of him, his kids and Lauryn London. FatBurger is equivalent to 5Guys for the ppl that don’t know what that is.

  9. So to the ppl that keep saying she can do better, how? You mean date a lawyer, Dr or senator or college graduate. Well I got news for you, They ain’t shyt either!

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