Lauren London Gets Dumped by Nipsey Hussle

nispey hussle lauren london breakup

A year after giving birth to his baby, it looks like Lauren London just got dumped by rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Nipsey made the announcement on his Twitter that he’s now single and ready to mingle.

Here’s what Lauren had to say:

Which hood rapper will she have a baby with next?


  1. Dang Lauren played herself. That girl on that red carpet was trying to tell her but she wasn’t trying to hear it. Got smart and said enjoy the moment, now she waisted almost 10 years of her youth, stuck with another baby with no dad in the house. All beauty no brains. Lauren youre beautiful, you could’ve got the ring before sex, dear! Stop playing yourself. And he only prob made this public so his new chick can see. Nipsey ain’t that type of public announcement type of dude. So why he telling the world is weird.

    • At least he aint dogging her and at least he wants to be in his child life props to him

      • He did dog her abd he has no choice but to br in his kids life, he’s Nipsey Hussell, the court will take a huge chunk of his change if she has to take him to court. I think its more healthier to teybto have both parents in the same house. Its stupid to bring a baby hear knowing that was never yoir intentions. He was using her from day 1

      • u r either a white guy who hates himself and his small set of nuts or a black woman with 4 kids and no baby daddies or a white woman who has been ran thru by the brothers….

      • No, any woman mating with a thug/bad boy, and expects him to stay plays themself.

  2. Did he smell desperation? Has she been making career moves during her relationship? Does he have other children too?

    • He has a daughter before he got with LL and his babymama think she the one but I dont think she the one either.

      Nipsey was just up and coming when he met Lauren London, he really still is just up and coming to people outside of LA. I think he was being a groupie and wanted his name to be assiciated with Lil Wayne and thats all.

      But his babymama is Trash so I doubt he serious about her either. He sounds like hes just a liar and player, which are equivalent to rapist to me.

      There are some guys that are upfront with woman and still get woman and there are dudes that lie to kick it and those ones are rapist. Because if a girl really new the real you or your motive she would not give you the time of day.

      Yall may think im crazy but that is a law, its called rape by deception or something like that.

      If a dude walked up to you and said I think you beautiful but I just want to f–k and not marry you, most woman would keep it pushing.

      • What’s up with you and this obsessipn with rape???? Rape, rape, rape, rape, have you been raped?

        • Nope not but the usual definition but Ive felt like I was when I found out a dude was a complete liar.

        • No, you don’t know what it’s like to be raped. What you do know is what it’s like to get played. You’re unhinged and delusional if you think being lied to creates the same ‘feelings’ as being sexually assaulted. Get a grip stop talking shit!

  3. I almost thought Nipsey was a real one, but he just used her to get his name past the hood. God don’t like ugly!

    Real men don’t use ppl, I always wondered why no ring

      • Aint No way!!!! No how!!! It take a few weeks to get to know me and if a man aint gave me the option to get married, Im bouncing. Men got the game twisted, all woman across the world should just close they legs for 1 month and I bet everyone will have a ring. Even the less beautiful woman.

        • Lovely lady sound stupid… on some 1990s game…it would take a dumb man to fall for that

        • She sounds stupid because she is.

          Even less beautiful ones, smfh… please put yourself in that category!

        • I know what I said and and thank you for letting me know what you like and that you wanna phukk me

      • Shiiiiiid, told my boyfriend at the time I’d give him 3 years, MAX. We’ve been married over 20 now. Wasn’t wasting my reproductive years on a niggah who didn’t want to legally committ.
        I know someone who (thought) she was with someone for 10, unbeknownst to her he had another and ended up marrying her. I wanted to say, ‘I told ya so’, but she was so heartbroken, all I could do was be there.

        • I know. I cant give that kind of time away. Its sad to see so many woman past 25 accepting this girlfriend title and being so proud of it. A girlfriend is really a side chick to the woman he plan on actual marrying. Because if you just a girlfriend than he obvioulsy dont think you worth marrying.

          • Marriage is a scam that only benefits women. And with the downfall of this society, is the downfall of the sham that is marraige. Give it time and you’ll see

            • @ Prince, where’s the scam???
              We’ve built a life together, purchased homes together, share health insurance, retirement accounts, life insurance.
              If I was out drunk driving and hit a someone, BOTH me and my HUSBAND could be sued even tho I was the driver. If we weren’t married and something were to happen to him, I couldn’t legally make decisions, only his next of kin could, I could not collect any of his benefits after death either. We could not share medical benefits without being legally married. See, marriage is about more than just a piece of paper, there’s a binding LEGAL responsibility as well.
              Some of the aforementioned you can do without the benefit of marriage, but why would you want to????? Again, if something were to happen to either of you, it would be a tangled up mess because you were not legally married. I live in California, ‘COMMON LAW MARRIAGE’ is not acknowledged or even legal here.

              • All those things you say you and your husband do/have done could have been done without a marriage license. I also dont see why you would want both you AND your husband held liable for your negligence, while also I assume, claiming equality in the marriage. Doesnt really add up to me.

                Real relationships like the ones built with mothers, fathers, brothers,sisters,cousins, friends, etc… do not need pieces of paper to legitimize them. But society has yall believing that this is necessary with marriage when in all actuality they just want to tax you some more. With all that said, I do understand why from the woman’s perspective marriage would be ideal. From a man’s perspective, it doesnt make sense…

              • @ Prince, never said I wanted to pay for my husband’s negligence, but BY LAW, BY LAW, BY LAW he would be responsible for my negligence and I would be responsible for his, no choice. AGAIN, like I mentioned in my comment SOME, SOME, SOME of these things can be obtained without marriage.
                Bottom line, my husband believes in marriage and so do I. Works for us.
                All the things I say we have???? My husband and I do not have anymore or less than many other couples who have been married a number of years . We are a middle class working family who work hard and are still building TOGETHER.

              • In your post, you framed you driving drunk and your husband also being held responsible as a positive. You may not have meant it that way, but if you read what you posted again, you should be able to see why I came to the conclusion I did. And its not some of these things can be obtained without marriage but ALL of them can.Every single thing you brought up can be obtained without a marriage license. Again, marriage is about taxation from a governmental perspective. Has nothing to do with love because REAL LOVE doesnt need pieces of paper to bind it together.

                You and your husband liked solidifying your love with pieces of paper and thats fine. But that isnt how it was in the beginning, and once this society falls( which its on its way to) it wont be that way anymore. But either way, kudos to you and your man for building a successful relationship and building together. Im not knocking that. Im only knocking the modern day belief of marriage to where they go get the government to put their stamp of approval on it. To which that gives the gov’t ANOTHER way to tax which is why I called it a scam. These things benefit women, but men, they should stay out of that BS. Especially rich men…

    • Some dudes will only give a ring to save face of just keep the woman quiet for a minute. A real man will either day what’s up from go or take time to decide if that woman is the right one. I agree that Pigpen Jr had an agenda though. Aging gangsta types usually do.

  4. She may not know how to pick a husband but she’s not dumb. Though beautiful, what separates her from the lack is that she has experience behind the camera also. She’s probably getting herself together for the New Year and got that black card membership at Planet Fitness or a trainer trying to build a clientele.

  5. Lauren keeps devaluing herself with these random dudes she picks. She is worth SO MUCH more. Once she really loves herself she WILL begin to attract the caliber of man she deserves.

    When you think gutter or lower you attract those things- it’s no accident.

    Love and light to Lauren in the new year- I hope she works on herself to attract better.

  6. Lovely lady has amental disease.

    In the music industry if nippsey wanted to get with LL all they had to do was make a business arrangement. Whose to say they didn’t? Why go straight to rape?

    Shit would never fly in court.

    Now what if we came to find out she only got with nippsey cause of his pockets and the attention? Tricked him into having a baby? Is that rape?

  7. He got with her for publicity and nothing more from the looks of it. The baby was just an added bonus. Now she’s going to have to get back out there and work and he’s still just as local as ever. There have been several Cali rappers that have came and went and Nip still hasn’t caught on yet. So we know he’s not great with choices. How long does the public have to tell you their not interested in your music before you get it?
    Our black females have to stop being obsessed with tatted and thuggish boys and start reproducing with actual real men. It’s like they haven’t learned yet and this is with all the shit they talk about not wanting a thug and wanting stability. No one is going to want to wife you and have to deal with your thug ex as well. All these examples and even our best and brightest are still making fools of themselves and ruining their lives for dirty thug dick and future fatherless homes smh.

    • i dunno about all that. he has a cult following and people do f with his music.

      problem is he material is scarce. he’ll drop a EP tomorrw than nothing for 2-3 years.

      that guy is far from a thug. you seem to be generalizing a guessing you hate black men as well?

  8. Lauren London is beautiful and had a promising acting career. I think she has low self-esteem & no father figure to guide her. Best wishes to her and her children!

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