Keke Palmer & Her Sister Get a Little Too Close on Thanksgiving

keke palmer sister thanksgiving

WTF is going on in these pictures of Keke Palmer and her little sister? Click the arrows on the Instagram picture to see these two get cozy on Turkey Day.

Everyone in Hollywood is weird AF!


  1. This is why black people have no damn business being in hollywierd! I feel sorry for Keke because you already know she’s been abused and don’t know morally the difference between right and wrong

  2. I’m pretty sure “Wanna be a King” Latifah turned Keke out. Is she doing the same thing to her sister that was done to her?

  3. Sick shit. Little do people know, incest is a very common thing in the black community… A lot more common than most think. This is nothing more than just a small glimpse of what goes on in Hellyweird.

    • Common for who?

      Unless you know every black family there is please STFU…smfh.

      What we all know is it is more than common in the white community.

  4. love her on berlin station tho. its my sunday watch list. she plays a cia agent in berlin, the kinda roles she should be doing. she just need some d*ck on the reg, and she’ll be evened out.

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