Real Housewives of Dallas Star DRAGS Andy Cohen!

tiffany hendra dallas housewife andy cohen

Andy Cohen of Bravo TV has been getting dragged all year! First, Kathy Griffin outed him for being an alleged cokehead, and now Real Housewives of Dallas star Tiffany Hendra is confirming what we already knew…

After finding out the show was looking for an all-new cast for their Dallas franchise, she decided to air out Bravo and Andy:

real housewives dallas tiffany hendra andy cohen


  1. Much of what she said is TRUE, but she sounds bitter as hell, like she wanted ON, but negotiations fell through.

  2. I wonder if she wld’ve had this same rant/feelings, had her contract been renewed for another season?

  3. i dont know this woman or her brand since i dont watch much tv, let alone real housewives… from the outside looking in, i see two immediate problems here… first, bad timing for a rant about it… looks bitter about losing those check$$$… i feel for her, loss of income is like ‘ouch’… second, even though the information is on point, some guys and chicks are not gonna listen and run straight to those reality check$$$… they have bills to pay… the vicious cycle continues….

    • She left the franchise after season 1 cause producers were actively trying to ruin her marriage with bullshit gossip during the season that she was on. Why do you think that Kenya Moore does not want her husband anywhere near the RH franchise?

  4. I like how she doesn’t want to dishonor her NAME. For most of us – it’s all we have.

    • if all some have is their name, then they should have have made better decisions in life.

  5. They are the only Housewives that didn’t get a penny the first year..
    She sounds like a bitter Betty to me
    Bravo is he network that don’t give a rats ass about these reality stars, it money to be made and if your so called brand is so good, stay away little girl..

  6. We are judged by our character which is associated with our names. Some people have to fight their names because of what other family did or who their family is.

  7. She ain’t lying, Andy Cohen is the devil. I’m waiting with my bowl of popcorn for all the under age twinks he has dated in the past to start spilling the tea.

  8. Funny how these Neanderthals want to start squalling and squealing when their @sses are on TV being defamed, demonized and collectively maligned. Now they should understand what it feels like, because the so called black man and black woman have been going through this since the advent of television. I can’t see why anyone would want to watch Black dysfunction (RHOA, etc) However, watching white dysfunction and fighting is nothing more but a balancing of the universe. The kKKazarian KKKrone Gloria Steinem sat up there and said that the Kardashian show was better than the Real House Franchise (mostly rich white females), because at least the KKKardashians showed interracial “relationships”… Anyone who can read between the lines understands that this bytch is saying that if anyone is being exploited in Television let it be the “Blacks” because I guarantee no KKKardashian is being exploited. They are the ones holding the “leashes” to these dumb ass chamber bucks and black females with low self esteem who worship and buy from someone who obviously envies the shit out of them.

    Let the exploitation of white females continue! I’m LMMFAO! Real Housewives of New Jersey stay snatching weaves! LOL I will continue to watch. Hell let me turn all my TVs on and boost the Nielsen ratings!

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