Deray Davis Lost His Virginity at Age 11!

deray davis

But that’s not all. He says the women who took his virginity were 30-years-old! And he sees nothing wrong with it…

Does this explain his interesting history with women and his need to have two girlfriends?


  1. Pitiful. Those were child molestors and that’s why he don’t have all of his sense now. He thought it was a good thing but look how he turned out.

    • Why so the abuse can continue and you perverts can say the “only white people abuse kids” mantra to cover up the rampant child abuse in black people world wide? I bet they were relatives as well, just look at the retarded nature of blacks compared to 50 years ago! Men whom this has happened to who call it abuse, are called “Faggots” in the black community. This is normal behavior in 40 – 50%.

  2. So he’s proud of child molestation. Think about it, any child going thru the same is OK with him. He’s disgusting.

    • I would definetly cast a bet on it that it might of been. What would a 30 year old woman want with a 11year old boy unless she a crackhead or hooker.

      • ok I’m with u what 30-year-old woman want a damn 11-year-old boy hell his ass can barely piss straight with 2 damn strands of pubic hair on his lil dick

  3. DeRay Davis promoting pedophilia. Translation, he wants to advance his D-list hollywood career.

    • He’s forecasting to TPTB his wants and desires and willingness to his goals. It’s sickening.

    • It’s possible. All of the people in Hollywood are fucked up to the extreme, and they ALL have some type of sexual abuse in their background. MK ULTRA and the Hollywood machine go hand in hand, and very real.

    • VLAD colluded with fake Black”Actorvist” Tariq Nasheed to get a comfrontation with Tommy Sotomayor. Typical Zionist behavior.

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