Comedian Deray Davis Explains Why He Has 2 Girlfriends

deray davis two girlfriends

Deray Davis is tired of being ridiculed for having two girlfriends, so he went on The Breakfast Club to talk about why his unconventional relationship works for him.

The Living With Funny star said he was dating two girls at the same time, and instead of breaking it off with one of them and risk getting his “windows busted,” he asked them if they would be down to all be together.

The comedian says most men have two girlfriends anyway, they just keep it a secret. So this relationship works for him because they are all “best friends.” They live together…and sleep in the same bed!

Deray says they don’t have threesomes, even though he has tried to take it to that level.

But when it comes to a woman having two boyfriends, that’s where Deray draws the line.

Peep the interview:


  1. Bisexual. He is that is! Men like that always end up getting played by the women I've seen it happen. He's incredibly stupid to live with two women a fool and his money are soon to be parted it it's all games till you get played.

    • I don't know but Ms Reg got some "on the real type shit about this nigga right here." I'm going to see how long it takes for her to catch this thread & see if she says anything about it before I tell but in all seriousness WHO even with all the movies this creep has played in is checking for a DERAY? Once everybody hears how he really is and how he really gets down…everybody will know he's nothing more than a two bit Terrance Howard in the making with far less superior acting skills.

  2. Is this for real? Tyrese ain't go two girls at same time and he's more famous. Bradpit ain't and he more famous

  3. All these dudes who got fame be having threesome's if you got fame and income any dude can do this as long as deray got money coming his girls will agree to it only reason they re not doing each other is because he's not paying enough if I had two girls living with me I would have threesomes every night besides polygamy us getting more popular

    • Well you're bisexual because polyamorous people get bored and they start swinging — orgies which includes swords crossing ha ha Ha

      • Clearly you've never been to a swingers club or party, and know nothing about Polyamory. More often than not, it's women with other women at the parties, and or partner swapping-a woman from one couple with a man from another couple. Poly means Many or Much, amory means love, so people that practice Polyamory believe they can love ore than one person at the same time, and their relationships are about honesty and communication. Polyamory and orgies are 2 different things as well. SMH.

  4. I'm for polygamy I mean hey we already live in a some what polygamy society, why not? If Gay peole can get married then its only right to allow polygamous people the same right as well.

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  6. If these bitches ain't making money for you there is no real reason to have them in your house, eating off of your wealth. This is just a marketing ploy to go along with that tired ass reality show he is on. Ho hum.

  7. I can never understand why these dudes expect to have more than one girlfriend but the girl can not have more than one guyfriend, lol. If we are open let’s be open, women like variety too <3

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