Lil’ Kim Claps Back After Skin Bleaching Allegations

lil kim skin bleaching

Lil’ Kim’s appearance has drastically changed throughout the years. Although she has admitted to some plastic surgery, there’s one body modification she won’t cop to…skin bleaching!

After a “hater” called out the Queen Bee’s noticeably lighter skin color, Kim clapped back and denied she has ever bleached her skin.

Do you believe her?


  1. I saw a pic of her awhile ago and she was her normal color, with the same plastic face. She may not have bleached, but just wears tons of white woman colored foundation to make her appear lighter. I don't think there are many Black women who wear makeup that don't go w a lighter foundation. Hers is just extreme.

  2. Well, I personally don't believe her but it's not so serious I'd make it an issue of it.
    Kim, Faith Evans is naturally fair/light complected with no bleach required. She was actually married to Biggie and has a son fathered by him. She can sing, dance and entertain the world all while keeping the majority of her clothes on and while I'm sure you don't give a f*ck I felt inclined to let you know!
    (Same as confronting her about bleaching.)

  3. Okay Miss Bee, you say you don’t bleach (yeah, right) but anyone who steps outside the house with that kind of war paint needs some serious time on a psychiatrist’s couch. I mean, do ya really think ya lookin’ fly??

  4. Attention all black women, and Sammy Sosa, having melanin is a esteemed gift of beauty and protection. Please stop listening to what racist white people say about us and start reading Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s book called The Isis Papers. You can also watch Hidden Colors volume two; it talks about the history and benefits of melanin. Do not watch any tv show or read any magazines that causes you to lose self confidence. Do not read any magazine that intentionally lightens the beautiful black skin of our distinguished black female celebrities. White people insult us because they are jealous of us.

    • White people insult us because they are jealous of us….why should they be when they rule the earth…?

    • Oh good lord NBA. You really believe that white people wish they were black?

      I'm starting to doubt your sanity.

      • White people are jealous of us. Kim Kardashian getting ass implants, Lisa Rinna getting lip implants and Bo Derek getting corn rows. Have you ever heard of the phrase, "Everybody wants to be black, but nobody wants to be black." White people wish they had our skin, our talents, our artwork, our beauty and last but not least, our athleticism. Watch Hidden Colors! White people stole so much from black people, including some of the characters from the comic book X-Men. We create it, we invent it, they steal it; This has been happening for over a thousand years!

  5. Leave be she suffers from what all self hating niggas suffer from ,…. Vitiligo ! Ask Mj!

  6. White ppl are not ppl 1st and do not rule the earth Africa is the largest continents with the most valauble resources but watchin tv and listenin to u.s. Lies u wouldnt kno it and the jealousy thing is truth if u kno of the bible before it has been changed white skin was a disease leprpsy to be exact so much systemic brainwashin its ridiculous they rule demonic earthly domnions not the entire earth that is ridculous U.s. Money means nothin in the continent of africa NOTHING

    • ummm news flash…whites (and now Chinese) do own and rule Africa via their dictators, IMF, London/NYC banks, French pity on Africa, NGOs, missionaries, Antwerp diamond market, Dubai gold market, South Africa mining and natural resources. Money means EVERYTHING in that joke of a continent and guess what…native Africans allow it….DEAL WITH IT!!!

    • White ppl are not ppl 1st and do not rule the earth…they may not be the 1st but guess what…they rule the planet…WHAT U GONNA DO ABOUT IT???!!!

      • Satan rules the planet. White devils rule in his name. Pride goeth before a fall.

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