Wendy Williams to Ashanti: You’re an Exotic Dancer!

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Wendy Williams just dragged TF out of Ashanti! The talk show host brought up the incident where Ashanti’s fans were throwing money at her while she performed. The singer told her fans to stop because she’s “not a stripper,” but Wendy thinks otherwise!

Peep the video starting at 11:35 to hear Wendy diss Ashanti’s entire career and calls her an exotic dancer.



  1. When is Wendy gonna play out – cause gossip in 2018 has played out. We got bills to pay!

    • Wendy Williams to Ashanti “You’re an stripper”
      Ashanti to Wendy Williams “Well, you’re a man”
      Done and done. Insults and accusations are all the rage in 2018
      It’s not gossip if might be true.

  2. Whn is she going to have her husband nd his mistress’s (the woman he really wnts to b with) picture up in the background nd dish the fucking dirt abt him living a double life.

  3. Wendy is mad because Ashanti looks a million times better than her. Wendy is evil and idk why people like her.

    • 100% agree. To answer your question, white people like Wendy; she fits the negative black stereotype.

  4. Facts are facts despite what you 3 lousy bitches said above. Ashanti is delusional.

    • U must b a lousy delusional bitch. My comment was not based on whether Ashanti was delusional or not. It was based on Wendy’s willingness to put shit out abt everyone else, but when her husband’s relationship was on the chopping block, her lips were sealed.

    • I don’t argue on the internet with dumb asses with that being said fuck you you fucking troll. your the lousy bitch.

      • ??says the clown tht responded to a comment by calling ppl names, which was just tht a comment dumb ass. U must b miserable! By the way there was never an argument delusional bitch.

  5. Not in this post, but in others people were referencing Dubai when mentioning Ashanti, why? You would think with all the writing credit she has, she would be set for life.

  6. Ashanti, Eve, Claudia Jordan, Amber Rose, Draya Michele, all five of these chicks were former strippers who got lucky!

    • Claudia is a THOT but she was never a stripper. She’s a pageant girl whose been tricked out to businessmen and dignitaries.

      Add some class to her wratchedness!!

  7. NBAIF you beat me to it,as long as those crackers like WW she will continue the nonsense,but as the story goes it wont last,if can happen to bill cosby,tiger woods…etc its gona happen to you if you don’t wise up…karma

  8. U shouldn’t talk shot about someone with way more money and looks way better. I wouldn’t even takea pic with Wendy Williams to manly looking

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