Deb Atney Drags Bow Wow & His Lies

deb atney bow wow

Bow Wow broke his promise to Deb Atney and group of kids, and she wasn’t havin’ it!

Peep her videos where she goes OFF. She even brings up Bow’s old lies about charting a private jet.

@shadmoss liar liar pants on fire.

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@shadmoss wow now u wanna answer.

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Here’s what he had to say.

show wow deb atney


  1. So why couldnt you just call or text her??? Bow Wow it aint adding up no matter what way you twist it.

  2. A mask and a pen to sign autographs? I have seen people come to work with strep throat and brag about it!

  3. I want to see a picture of Deb from highschool, because shes kind of a pretty little old lady, I wonder was she even prettier back in her younger days.

  4. I had to see the comments. I like Deb she seems to b an ok lady. Fuck Lil Bow he just seems like a BAN. But y did this person say they thought Deb was cute. I have to b honest ain’t nothing cute about this man looking sounding ass wtf. Dis bih look like she lick the ashtray wit these purple black ass lips. I know u was trying to b nice but Waka ugly slow ass cuter than her y’all not gon tell these lies. When I first saw her i was like that aint his momma this nigga pulled a bruce.

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