Floyd Mayweather Sues Miss Jackson for Running Off With His Money!

floyd mayweather miss jackson theft

They broke up years ago, but Floyd Mayweather still has a bone to pick with his ex-girlfriend, Shantel “Miss Jackson” Jackson.

In a new lawsuit, the champ says Jackson used his credit cards and helped herself to his cash that was laying around his house.

Here’s what his lawyer had to say in the suit:

“As a result of that confidence, Mayweather, whose education ended at eighth grade, did not audit or otherwise inspect either his cash or his credit card statements for theft by Jackson.”

She’s also still suing him for domestic abuse and invasion of privacy BTW.

Let it gooo.


  1. Please tell me this is a counter suit to her allegations, cause if not Mayweather is crazy.

  2. are you kidding me? grade school drains our creative energy and makes us weaker. after reading writing and math we should be in college by the 4th grade dummy. the years after that are meant to waste our life and damage focus.

    • That’s why we call it “Dead-ucation” system. It’s there to Equalize (bring gods down to the level of neanderthals).

  3. Is he trying to hit Ms. Jackson’s man’s pockets cause she aint got his money no mo!

  4. Her defense will be that he verbally authorized the use of his credit card and money, that was the arrangement. He’s angry now and can’t the thought or idea that a woman he dumped is actually happy with a new man. She needs to counter sue for slander and defamation. She should start with a list of things she bought with his money and he made her leave those things behind but kept other things he Oked. He’s now acting like an indiana giver.

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