Nicki Minaj’s Fans Reported Remy Ma to Her P.O.

nicki minaj remy ma po

According to Remy Ma, even though Nicki Minaj hasn’t responded to Rmey’s diss tracks “shEther” and “Another One,” Nicki’s stans reportedly called Remy’s parole officer to get her locked up!

In case you forget, Remy shot Makeda Barnes-Joseph after a dispute over money, and she served 8 years in prison.

Peep the video and listen to Remy go off on Nicki’s fans:


  1. The only difference between Nicki minaj and porn star Lacey Duvalle is that Nicki sucked off the men who had the means to give her a rap career. Nicki Minaj sucked and swallowed Cash Money and Young Money and became a famous rapper. Lacey Duvalle sucked and swallowed those racist white boys who do Ghettogaggers; no she is a broke washed up hoe! Nicki Minaj has a little paper and alot of temporary fame. In other words, Nicki Minaj is better than Lacey Duvalle. Nicki is not better than Remy Ma.

    • Then why do more ppl by Nicki album instead of Remy Ma? Why do Nicki have 95% more followers than Remy Ma? If Remy Ma so much better, why can’t she prove it? Who’s stopping her?

      Trina, Eve and Lil Kim can make come backs when they feel like it, why can’t Remy?

      • Calm down, even Roman Polanski has more fans than many in Hollywood. Selena gomez has more IG followers than beyonce…does that mean shes a better artist? Your benchmarking is horrible & inaccurate.

    • Let’s be real, Cardi B got a better chance at going head up with Nicki than Remy. If Nicki never respond, Remy ma is done. I’d rather see Trina, Da Brat, Lil Kim or Eve or even Bianca or Cardi B, but I can’t take Remy serious, she not as good as y’all claim at all.If she was, she’d be chilling in Paris like Nicki

  2. Technically when you think about it she should not be releasing album covers with chopped up bodies on it, since she did go to jail for attempted murder, I think!! Well she should leave ppl alone but I’m not sure who got that kind of time on they hands to be calling people PO’s

    • Still clitlicking I see ? why you Nicki Minaj stans just won’t take y’all L and move the fuck on?

  3. Beyhives and Barbz are the same..they take everything thrown at their queens too far

  4. Niki is Wack fake !!She is done..mark my words. .Team Remy…Niki you a corny lame scary winch..this is hip hop not hip pop..go away niki u done…Rest in Peace….. Cop Caller.. Niki a Snich…

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