Future Releasing Larsa Pippen Sex Tapes?

larsa pippen future sex tape

According to a blind item that has since been revealed, Future has plans to leak the sex tapes he filmed with Larsa Pippen while she was separated from her husband Scottie.

Peep the BI:

“Apparently, this one named rapper who used to be involved with a one-named singer has a ton of videos he made with the wife of a former athlete. Yep, Ray J style videos. He is already showing them to friends. It won’t be long before the world sees them”

Answer: Future

*Grabs popcorn*


  1. if true scottie will divorce her. no man wants to see his wife having sex with another man on film and for others to see it also. he will be humiliated and those poor children. selfish people!

      • Probably recorded it in secrecy. A lot of men do that and that why their coming with these sex based blackmail laws.

    • He’s a c00n, he will lick the fungal crust off her toes. You know how these types are. Neanderthal h0es can do no wrong. She could be fucking the devil, eatin a baby and shittin in a bowl and these type of idiots will be a Cap’n to the end, cause she “white”.

      • You are so right these coons need to put on check. I was watching ghetto gaggers and the sisters we stupid as fucked. The were being spat on, weave being snatched of called all sorts of names and they were still willing to participate just for white attention and money. And these are women we should be uplifting smdh

  2. Many of these ‘stars’ record their sex sessions to prove later (if accused) that it wasn’t rape. Some do it for fun. Either way, seems like the game has changed. Why publish them? Money? Fame? or humiliation?

  3. Well, these days you can’t publish sex tapes or you risk lawsuits. Look at what happened with 50 Cent and Rick Ross’s ex girlfriend. If she knew she was being filmed, I’m sure Larsa didn’t sign some contract with Future and gave up her rights. If she didn’t know, he is in serious hot water.


  5. I cant wrap my finger around why any woman would exchange phone numbers with a man that she know got 800 kids. Future could be as rich as bill gates and as cute as chris brown and I would never have a coversation with him out side of making more money. Wtf would any woman sleep with him? he must got a good mouth piece cause aint no way..

    • Future thinks he owns the baby mama and should have access to them whenever he wants. It’s why he is acting so crazy with Ciara. Some women have no self worth and Ciara must have fallen and hit her head when she got with this guy.

  6. Are we watching the tape or not.. COME ON FUTURE MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE…

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