Uh Oh, Future’s Not Gonna Be Happy About Ciara’s Maternity Pic!

ciara future jr maternity photo naked

Why does Ciara have Future Jr.’s little cheeks out like this? SMH!

And where TF is Russell hiding at?!!


This might be the weirdest maternity photo ever. They should’ve kept this one private.

You think Future’s gonna have something to say about it?


  1. Futureis going to flip. He has issues with Russell and his kid naked pic won’t fly.

  2. I think it is a beautiful photo.

    Having said that, it is not a photo to be displayed outside the home.

    • Yes but why is Russell naked with another another mans child. And strangely if it were a naked man and his daughter people would be outraged.

  3. This is the most ridiculously family photo ever. They sick and the person that took it. That boy is too big to be posing naked. I could see if this was his real dad, maybe but step dad, No No No!!!! Ciara is dumb for this

  4. Yes, i agree with Lovelylady. This picture is inappropriate. It’s not tasteful at all. Did she ask future if he was ok with his baby’s naked bum being plastered on the internet?

  5. This picture is wierd af idk why her son is naked and i guess Russell’s face is in Ciara’s ass and his hands are a bit to close to her son. smh i hope this was the photographers idea and not theirs because it is disturbing.

  6. Forget that! Why there is a video of Gary Houston in front of the Trap House high as a Georgia Pine as we speak!!!! Poor Mrs. Cissy knows drugs done took out her daughter and granddaughter. She insists her son Gary is next!

  7. Future should have the judge order a mental evaluation for the whole family. There’s some stuff that needs to be addressed…

  8. Future should have the judge order a mental evaluation for the whole family. There’s some stuff that needs to be addressed…

  9. Oh calm down everyone. This sort of photo is done all the time in society folks’ lives. It’s considered artsy. Remember Demi Moore naked and pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair 20 years ago?

    And, I really doubt that Russell was naked.

  10. wow he really had his balls layed out on his mom’s belly with rusel eatting the ass.

    good to see theres still some women out here with sense tho. the pic is inappropriate.

  11. The coon name Corey Holcomb tore Ciara a new asshole on his 5150 show. This pic is pedophilia. If a father took the same picture with his daughter, he is going to prison. Desperate chicks with no talent want attention. Ciara is a aging chick with no talent who desperately wants attention.

  12. If I were Future, I would call Child protective Services (CPS). As for Russell Wilson, he is definitely top ten Captain Save A Hoe!

  13. I bet my next paycheck Ciara has molested that little boy! If that boy grows up to be Rupaul or a gay Bubba in prison, you will know why?

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