Gary Houston Caught Outside Crack House High AF!

gary houston high

Whitney Houston’s big brother Gary Houston was caught outside a well-known drug den in Atlanta.

A witness videotaped the incident, which took place 11 days after the fifth anniversary of Whitney’s passing.

“Yeah, that’s Gary. The whole family is a bunch of dope heads,” – Inside Source

Peep the full video here.


  1. Fuck that mfer and his evil ass wife PAT HOUSTON KILLED WHITNEY HOUSTON AND BOBBY CHRISTINA!!!!!! That bitch was behind their deaths all the crack in the world will not soothe his soul. He will suffer for the rest of his life his punk ass wife too. Other members of Whitneys family was involved as well don’t be fooled.

    • Drugs killed Whitney and BK.

      The family didn’t help things, but personal responsibility demands that you deal with your own issues. Whitney’s mom Cissy couldn’t deal with her daughter and Robyn, so Whitney subjugated her desires and married a man. She used drugs to ease her mental pain.

      Then she passed her bad habits onto her child who went on to make the same mistakes.
      It happens in hundreds of families who aren’t famous. If Whitney and Bobby had really love BK they would never have let their drug addiction get so outta control.

      That’s the cold hard truth.

      • Whitneys family killed her. Period. I know her brothers and their wives Donna and Pat Houston. I know what the fuck I’m talking about. Unless you have worked along side them such as I have your only speculating.

  2. LMAO the title of this article made me laugh so much! Goddamn… Money and fame-money and niggas is a muthafucka!

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