remy ma nicki minaj diss

Remy Ma fired shots at Nicki Minaj again with her second diss track “Another One,” and then she posted and deleted a racy old school photo of Nicki with her cakes tooted in the air.

Lordt! What's happening! #DisTewMuch #RemickiBeef #NickiMinaj #RemyMa

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But the Internet isn’t feeling the new track. How about you?

#TheInternet reacts to #RemyMa 's newest diss track #AnothaOne — What's the verdict #roomies ?

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Yikes looks like there may be a tough crowd with this one ? #RemyMa #NickiMinaj (view previous posts)

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  1. Nicki Minaj should take the Fix A Flat out of her ass and enroll in a black history class. Her rap career is over!

  2. Nicki would have BEEN dropped from her label if she was signed by the caucasian owners but since these faggot ass rappers put her on, she had no choice but to be a nymphomaniac for them or else she would have been stuck on Jamaica Avenue plaza mall being a kleptomaniac for the rest of her life. LMFAOooo00000OOooooOOOO

  3. Recently Nicki Minaj was at a fashion show with her titty out. This bitch copied off of what Lil Kim did fifteen years ago. This bitch is a talentless hack. her time in the spotlight is over. Onika might as well start doing porn just like Laurence Fishburne’s daughter.

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